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Transforming business results through the development of a safe, efficient and capable workforce. » Watch video
Deliver consistent, compelling content and streamline your training initiatives with the help of the DuPont™ eLearning Suite – the next generation of the Coastal eLearning System. » Read more
Our interactive seminars and workshops are designed to actively engage employees and help improve training retention. Participants will learn from knowledgeable and seasoned instructors who can provide real-life examples of safety, management, operations and financial issues. » Watch video
Our off-the-shelf training library features DVDs, handbooks, posters, manuals and books. Choose from hundreds of DVD titles to facilitate group training and discussion or handbooks and posters to reinforce your training message. » Watch video
No matter where your employees like to learn, CoastalFlix™ delivers. Whether it’s in a workshop, at a desk, in the field, on site or off site, CoastalFlix™ brings the classroom to you. The new CoastalFlix™ video streaming solution enables your employees to experience compelling DuPont content via any web-enabled device.

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Supervisor Development Workshop alt DuPont Receives 2013 Robert W. Campbell Award from National Safety Council alt CoastalFlix™
Supervisor Development Workshop

Engage supervisors with powerful, hands-on training that can help them be more effective leaders.

Contact us today for information or read more about the workshop.
DuPont Receives 2013 Robert W. Campbell Award from National Safety Council

The National Safety Council presented its 2013 Robert W. Campbell Award to DuPont, recognizing the company’s commitment to the environment, health and safety as part of its everyday operations.

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Choose from hundreds of streaming videos on the latest safety, human, resources, maintenance & reliabillity and healthcare issues.

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Safety Data Sheets alt Basic Electricity alt Supervisor Development Workshop
Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets: The Information Connection covers each of the sixteen sections of the standardized SDS and how to obtain the pertinent information employees need when they need it.

» Preview free online
Basic Electricity

Depending on how well your employees understand it, its effects and the ways it is measured or controlled, electricity can be an extremely important commodity or a very dangerous adversary.

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Supervisor Development Workshop

Engage supervisors with powerful, hands-on training that can help them be more effective leaders.

Contact us today for information or read more about the workshop.
Hazard communication and GHS safety training Harassment: A New Look (industrial version) Maintenance Principles
HazCom: In Sync With GHS

Share important information on the new standardized process of communicating chemical hazards with this workplace safety training program.

» Preview
Harassment: A New Look (industrial version)

Update your training and educate your employees on the new forms of harassment: workplace bullying, third-party harassment, digital harassment, etc.

» Preview
Maintenance Principles

"When equipment fails, it can be disastrous to your company. It can cost time. It can cost revenue and it can even cost jobs." This course shows workers how solid maintenance principles can be used to reduce the influence of defects that come from 5 sources: workmanship, operation, materials, design and failure events.

» Preview
Knife River Moen Dresser-Rand Company
Knife River

Learn how STOP® training programs help reduce injuries and incidents at Knife River Corp. and employees are taking the training home with them.

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Learn how STOP DataPro® enhances Moen's STOP® program overall.

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Lhoist North America

Discover how Lhoist North America meets diverse employee training requirements with the ability to track mandated compliance training easily.

» Learn more
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DuPont Sustainable Solutions named among Top 20 Content Development Companies DuPont Sustainable Solutions named among Top 20 Content Development Companies DuPont Sustainable Solutions named among Top 20 Workforce Development Companies
DuPont Sustainable Solutions named among Top 20 Content Development Companies

DuPont Sustainable Solutions was named to the 2014 Top 20 Content Development Companies list, which recognizes the top learning organizations.

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Miracle on the Hudson: Prepare for Safety wins OHS New Product of the Year Award

DuPont Sustainable Solutions' Miracle on the Hudson: Prepare for Safety program was named an award winner in Occupational Health & Safety’s annual New Product of the Year contest for the category of on-site training. » Read more

DuPont Sustainable Solutions named among Top 20 Workforce Development Companies monitors the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies.

Learning & Development | DuPont Sustainable Solutions

DuPont Sustainable Solutions provides innovative, effective and affordable blended learning solutions to help organizations of all industries and sizes meet their unique training objectives. Our solutions integrate versatile learning technologies and engaging content to give employees a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

As one of the world's leading publishers of employee learning and development programs, more than 190,000 corporate training professionals in 129 countries have relied on Training Solutions from DuPont Sustainable Solutions to help strengthen crucial competencies, boost productivity, improve energy efficiency, increase profitability and save lives.

Versatile Learning Technologies

Our award-winning DuPont™ eLearning Suite is ideal for organizations seeking comprehensive, flexible training solutions. The on-demand platform incorporates advanced training technologies to help you manage your employee training from start to finish, simplifying and streamlining the process. Available in 20 languages, our online courseware is designed to facilitate learning and improve performance through interactive, rich-media delivery and user-enabled customization.
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Engaging Training Content

Our courseware and materials incorporate sound instructional design and offer compelling training content, designed to engage participants and facilitate the transfer of knowledge. Training topics include: safety training, ethics and compliance training, maintenance and reliability training, healthcare training and government training. Course content is reviewed by subject matter experts to help ensure compliance with health, safety, environmental, ethical and operational standards.

Our training professionals can help you create original video and print content, customized to your unique needs, or we can tailor interactive seminars and workshops to occur at your site. We design our popular DuPont™ STOP® (Safety Training Observation Program) and Operations Manager and Line Supervisor workshops to be highly engaging and memorable. Our expert instructors draw from their own experience in safety, management and operations. Real-life examples and constant interaction between instructors and employees help ensure that information is assimilated, improving retention.
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Finally, our off-the-shelf training DVDs, handbooks, posters, manuals and books are effective and affordable solutions that have helped organizations of every size and need fulfill specific training requirements. Choose from hundreds of titles and preview DVDs directly online!
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Help develop new workforce skills, reinforce desired behaviors and sustain the transfer of knowledge with training solutions from DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

Get More Out of Your Employee Training

You've got great content for training. Well and good. But don't let it go to waste by messing up the presentation, delivery and other factors that affect the effectiveness of your training.

Help maximize the impact of your employee training with these tips:

  1. Set your training objectives.
    Clear goals help determine what content you present and how, and how you can measure its effectiveness. Also, goals tell participants what's expected of them, and why exactly they must undergo a particular training session.
  2. Strive for 10-20 per group.
    This is the ideal range. The bigger the group, the more likely individual attention may be lost. A smaller group can help induce participants to pay attention, not least because it's easier to see if they are not listening! But more importantly, a smaller group can encourage engagement, if not interest. Perhaps your employees are uncomfortable speaking in front of a large group. At any rate, fewer people can help training sessions seem less impersonal. » Read more
Building Capability
Learning is just one important component in the quest to increase corporate productivity, efficiency, profit and safety. Read the DuPont
Sustainable Solutions featured articles in this issue of Elearning! Magazine.
Read more about DuPont™ Safety Training Observation Program (STOP®) or register to attend a one-hour introductory webinar.
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