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Bloodborne Pathogens For Ambulatory Care: A Sharper Image

Product Description

More than half a million sharp-related injuries occur each year, according to OSHA. Safety devices now include needleless systems and engineered protective devices for needles and other sharps. Studies show that sharps safety devices may significantly reduce your risk of injury during procedures such as joining IV lines, drawing blood, injecting medications and suturing during surgery.

  • Covers Hepatitis B and C Virus
  • Transmission and exposure to HIV
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Standard Precautions
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Sharps Safety

Added features and benefits of DVD training include:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation – makes training site-specific; excellent for training different personnel and departments
  • Training points – outlines key learning points of your training; reinforces important safety points to your employees
  • Chapterized content – video-enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates classroom discussion; ideal for refresher training, specific training points, and navigating through the course
  • Expanded leader's guide – excellent resource to help plan and implement your presentation; a quiz is provided that can serve as a pre- and/or post-evaluative tool
  • Portable convenience – perfect for those who train and travel!

This important program takes a closer look at the bloodborne pathogens that put your staff at great risk on the job - hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. It details what should be done to protect themselves against exposure. This course also focuses on safe work practices, proper PPE and sharps safety.

Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV

Transmission and Precautions

  • Transmission
  • Safety Guidelines and PPE

Reducing the Risk

  • Safe Work Practices
  • Sharps Safety
  • What to Do if Exposed

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