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Blueprint Reading For Welders: Basic Blueprint Reading - Lines, Views & Dimensions

Product Description

Blueprint Reading for Welders: Basic Blueprint Reading - Lines, Views & Dimensions is part one of the Blueprint Reading for Welders three-part training series.

In order for the welder to use blueprints effectively, he or she must be able to interpret them correctly. This involves properly reading the conventions used on the prints and understanding how the prints represent the finished assembly. This course introduces students to the basic lines, views, and dimensions that are used in blueprints.

Course objectives include:

  • Explain the meaning of various blueprint lines
  • Identify different blueprint views
  • Describe a weld shape and finish from a blueprint.

Our DVDs are portable and easy-to-use. Training content is "chapterized," or organized by learning objectives to:

  • Help with course navigation
  • Enable training administrators to cover specific training points and conduct refresher training
  • Facilitate classroom discussion.
SKU: W50010

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