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Dialogue: Now You're Talking - Dialogue For Cultural Understanding, Part 2

Product Description

How do we communicate in a world where differences in perspective, experience, job function, culture, gender, age and a myriad of other factors often lead to distrust, misunderstanding and reduced productivity? Learn the tools of dialogue and communicate across differences respectfully and effectively. This is Part 2 of a 4-program series.

Part 2: Dialogue for Cultural Understanding
The program applies the dialogue skills outlined in Program 1 to the challenges of culturally diverse work environments. It explains how dialogue can open communication, uncover hidden assumptions, break down stereotypes and facilitate more productive relationships.

Added features and benefits of DVD training include:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Informative training points and bonus material for refresher or training talks
  • Video-enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates discussion
  • A printable Leader's Guide.

Other Details