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Dresser-Rand® Reciprocating Products 19-Part Series

Product Description

This 19-part original equipment manufacturer training series covers the general operation and maintenance of Dresser-Rand reciprocating products. Students will learn Dresser-Rand best practices through these highly interactive ClarityNet® HD eLearning courses.

This series is designed for owners and operators of Dresser-Rand reciprocating equipment.

eLearning Courses included:

Recip-–Compressor Major ComponentsGives students a fundamental understanding of how a reciprocating compressor operates.

Recip-–Compressor TheoryGives students an understanding of the basic theory of compression as it relates to a reciprocating compressor.

Recip-–Compressor Piston End-–ClearanceDescribes piston end-clearance in a reciprocating compressor cylinder.

Recip-–Compressor Rod Run-–OutDesigned to help maintenance technicians fully understand the meaning and effects of piston rod run-out on the operation of reciprocating compressors.

Recip-–Compressor Frame LubricationProvides students with a complete understanding of the frame lubrication system on a common, process-type reciprocating compressor.

Recip/Engine Crankshaft Web DeflectionDefines crankshaft web deflections in gas engines and reciprocating compressors.

Recip-–Compressor Rod Packing FundamentalsDescribes the components that make up a pressure packing assembly and how they work together to form a seal around the piston rod.

Recip-–Compressor Rod Packing ReconditioningDescribes the procedures used to properly disassemble and reassemble a packing case within the compressor or on a workbench.

Recip–-Compressor Wedge Ring PackingOffers a description of what wedge type packing rings are, when they are required, how they seal, and what type of inert buffer gas system is needed to make them most effective.

Recip–-Compressor Divider Block Cylinder & Packing LubricationFamiliarizes operators and maintenance technicians with a typical reciprocating compressor, divider valve type, cylinder and packing lubrication system.

Recip-–Compressor Pump-–to-–Point Cylinder & Packing LubricationFamiliarizes operators and maintenance technicians with a typical reciprocating compressor, pump-to-point type, cylinder and packing lubrication system.

Recip-–Compressor Set Screw Type Valve CoverOffers an overview of the set screw type valve cover.

Bolt TorqueTeaches the characteristics of threaded fasteners, the various methods of properly tensioning them, the variables that influence the tensioning process, and the procedures used to ensure accurate tensioning.

Recip–-Compressor Crosshead & Piston SupernutTeaches where supernuts are applied in a reciprocating compressor, what advantages they have over standard hex nuts, where to find the proper torque values and jackbolt lubricant, and how to properly tighten and loosen the supernuts in both crosshead and piston nut applications.

–Engine –– Major ComponentsIllustrates and describes the major components of two- and four-cycle integral gas engines.

Engine – Four-–Cycle TheoryGives students a comprehensive understanding of the theory of four-cycle gas engines.

–Engine – Pre–-Ignition & DetonationDescribes both normal and abnormal combustion processes in large-bore gas engines.

–Engine – Balancing Firing PressuresHelps students understand the importance of a properly balanced engine and the recommended procedure for obtaining a well-balanced engine.

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Click here for the PDF Spec Sheet.