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DuPont™™ Energy Efficiency: Electricity Generation & Distribution

Product Description

DuPont™ Energy Efficiency: Electricity Generation & Distribution is part 10 of the DuPont™ Energy Efficiency 16-part training series featuring DuPont owner-operator content.

The course covers electrical principles and the efficient operation of various devices and systems that produce, distribute, and use electricity.

Course objectives include

  • Exercise proper safety precautions when working with and around electrical equipment
  • Apply the principles of electricity
  • Identify the devices that produce electricity and understand their basic operation
  • Identify the equipment required for the distribution of electricity
  • Identify motors, motor controls, generators, and lamps as devices that use electricity and understand their basic operation
  • Apply specific best practices related to electrical energy conservation.

Course menu:

Safety Considerations

Principles of Electricity

  • Electric Circuit Basics
  • Current and Magnetism


  • Electrical Generators
  • Generator Prime Movers and Excitation

Distribution of Electricity

  • Electrical Conductors
  • Switchgear and Transformers
  • Instruments, Meters, and Relays

Devices that Use Electricity

  • Motors
  • Motor Control Equipment
  • Operation of Motors and Generators
  • Lamps

Best Practices

  • Electricity Generation and Distribution Best Practices

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