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STOP® for Each Other (SFE020)

Product Description

STOP® For Each Other is based on the idea that safety is everyone's responsibility. This safety training observation program is designed to help participant see safety in a new way, develop their safety awareness and learn to talk with others about all aspects of safety.

By using a three-pronged approach STOP® For Each Other teaches participants all injuries are preventable. The workbook, field activity and group discussion meeting help people "see safety" and take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.

STOP® For Each Other DVD segments include:

  • Kickoff
  • Unit 1 - Introduction
  • Unit 2 - The STOP® Safety Cycle
  • Unit 3 - Conditions, Positions of People, PPE, Tools and Equipment
  • Unit 4 - Procedures, Housekeeping, Reactions of People, Talking with Others
  • Unit 5 - Conducting Formal STOP® Safety Observations

Programs included:

Click on a segment to preview it online.