STOP DataPro® is a secure web-based application that makes it easy to record and analyze safety performance data gathered on the STOP® Observation Checklists. Once the data is entered into STOP DataPro®, reports can be generated to provide managers with knowledge that can lead to better workplace safety decisions, and, ultimately, improved safety and operational performance.

With STOP DataPro®, managers get leading indicator insights through sophisticated data collection, powerful reporting and deep levels of analysis.

The latest version of STOP DataPro® represents a dynamic overhaul of the system. From a fresh new look and feel, to expanded tracking functionality and a brand-new reports module, the entire application has been redesigned with the user in mind. The screens are streamlined and feature a simplified menu layout and user-friendly navigation.

Get the analysis you need with the new report module which divides reports into two categories — Volume Analysis and Trend Analysis.

Volume Analysis reports are designed to offer up a look at the quantity of observation data being generated by your organization — how many.

Trend Analysis reports are designed to help identify the trends within an organization’s observation data — what’s happening.

And, now, you can drill down further into your observation data! STOP DataPro® has the ability to assign observers to as many as five unique group types — Region, Group, Division, Department, and Title — in order to get a targeted view of observation data.

The Trend Analysis module features reports on what the data can tell an organization.


  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Secure and confidential database protects safety observation data, customer information and reports
  • Enables in-depth understanding of workplace safety using observation data to review findings, identify trends, track corrective action and monitor the frequency and effectiveness of safety observations
  • Rapid reporting and feedback on the observation process is available through automatic reporting integration of safety observation data into reports
  • Improved safety communication through reports that increase awareness of workplace safety issues
  • Potential injuries prevented through trend observation and corrective actions

The Volume Analysis module features reports on quantity of data.


Reporting observation data

Users will input all observation data from STOP® observation checklists for the program for which they have purchased a subscription – STOP® For Supervison, STOP® For Each Other, STOP® For Ergonomics and/or STOP® For Oil & Gas. Users can then use STOP DataPro® to generate reports.

Corrective action data and reports

Corrective action requests can be tracked to completion and are exclusive to each subscriber.

Available by Subscription

STOP DataPro® is an integral part of the DuPont™ STOP® program and is available through an annual subscription.