STOP DataPro®

STOP DataPro®

Introducing the Next Generation of the DuPont™ STOP® Observation Data Analysis Tool!

  • Fresh new look and feel
  • Expanded tracking functionality
  • Brand new reports module
  • Fully hosted application

Discover the new look of STOP DataPro®!

STOP DataPro

STOP DataPro® is a secure, web-based application that makes it easy to record and analyze safety performance data gathered on the STOP® Observation Checklists. Once the data is entered into STOP DataPro®, reports can be generated to provide managers with knowledge that can lead to better workplace safety decisions and, ultimately, improved safety and operational performance.

The latest version of STOP DataPro® represents a dynamic overhaul of the system. From a fresh new look and feel, to expanded tracking functionality and a brand new reports module, the entire application has been redesigned with the user in mind. The screens are streamlined and feature a simplified menu layout and userfriendly navigation.

Get the analysis you need with the new report module

Our new report module divides reports into two categories — Volume Analysis and Trend Analysis.

Volume Analysis reports are designed to offer up a look at the quantity of observation data being generated by your organization — how many.

  • How many safe or unsafe observations are being generated per observation hour?
  • How many safe or unsafe observations are being generated per observation category or sub-category?
  • Who is participating in your observation program and to what degree versus their assigned monthly target?

Trend Analysis reports are designed to help identify the trends within an organization's observation data.

  • What is the safe percentage or unsafe percentage by category or sub-category?
  • What is the organization's most unsafe main or sub-category and what is the breakdown of where the unsafe observations are occurring on a main or sub-category basis?
  • How can we identify at-risk main or sub categories before they become a problem?

In addition to being more intuitive and easier to understand, many of the reports have new easierto-read graphs. Each report can now be exported in a variety of file formats — .xls, .pdf, .csv — to simplify distribution and further analysis.

Drill down further into your observation data!

New for STOP DataPro® is the ability to assign observers to as many as five unique group types – Region, Group, Division, Department, Title – in order to get a targeted view of observation data.

STOP DataPro

Imagine a supervisor being able to run reports to see data related only to his or her direct employees. Or, imagine being able to analyze all data generated by employees in the 'northwest region', in 'division C', in the 'manufacturing department', with the title 'press operator'. It's all possible with this next generation of STOP DataPro®!

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