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Assessment Builder

Interactive Courseware
Align. Assess. Accelerate.

The Assessment Builder from DuPont can help you create customized assessments from a group of courses or from your own content, and then deploy a tailored training program to accelerate employee learning. You can also create a survey or questionnaire to deploy to all, or a portion of your employees.

Build unique learning paths based on individual employee job roles and job knowledge.
  • Generate a curriculum of e-learning or classroom courses based on assessment responses.
  • Mark an assessment as mandatory or optional. Mandatory assessments must be completed before other course options are accessible to the employee.
  • Tailor question banks to focus on individual development needs or to obtain feedback from your employees via a survey.
  • Set an expiration date or reset the assessment for an individual or group of workers.
  • Control assessment or survey sequencing by arranging questions sequentially or randomly.


Identify learning gaps and opportunities for development
Identify learning gaps and opportunities for development.
  • Run detailed reports including test completion, scores and missed questions to determine which content needs to be reviewed.
  • Generate an assessment for a chosen curriculum and allow the individual employee assessment results to determine required versus optional courses of the curriculum.
  • Determine if an assessment or survey can be re-taken as desired, locked after a number of attempts, locked after 1st completion, reset on demand or by date.
Tie assessments and surveys to your own content.
  • Create a basic question/answer assessment from scratch with self-authored questions.
  • Add question types like yes or no, fill in the blank, rating scale, numerical ranking, multiple choice, pick one or all that apply.


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