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Fundamentals Of Circuits 8-Part Series

Product Description

This eight-part training series provides intermediate electronics students with the knowledge necessary to master the fundamentals of power supplies.

DVDs included:

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Fundamentals Of Circuits: RectifiersExplains how half-wave, full-wave, and bridge rectifiers produce a pulsating DC current.

Fundamentals Of Circuits: FiltersCovers the operation of capacitor filters, resistor capacitor filters, and inductor capacitor filters.

Fundamentals Of Circuits: Voltage Multipliers & RegulatorsDemonstrates the operation of voltage multiplier circuits.

Fundamentals Of Circuits: Series Voltage RegulationCovers the operation of the emitter follower regulator, the feedback regulator, the feedback regulator with an op amp, and more.

Fundamentals Of Circuits: Power Supply CircuitsExplains how specific circuits and devices operate and interact within power supply circuits.

Fundamentals Of Circuits: Transformer OscillatorsExplains the operation and requirements of three basic transformer oscillators.

Fundamentals Of Circuits: LC & Crystal Controlled OscillatorsCovers the construction and operation of three different LC oscillators.

Fundamentals Of Circuits: RC Oscillators & Nonsinusoidal OscillatorsExplains why the RC oscillator is considered the industry standard for low frequencies and presents two nonsinusoidal oscillators.

Our DVDs are portable and easy-to-use. Training content is "chapterized," or organized by learning objectives to:

  • Help with course navigation
  • Enable training administrators to cover specific training points and conduct refresher training
  • Facilitate classroom discussion.

Click here for the PDF Spec Sheet.