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Safety Courses
Code Title eLearning DVD
ATT006 Miracle On The Hudson: Prepare for Safety ---
ATX000 Training In The Workplace
BAK004 Back Safety: Lift Well, Live Well ---
BBP010 Hepatitis and HIV: Risk of Infection at the Workplace ---
CHE005 Chemical Handling: The Basics ---
CSE002 Confined Space Entry: Permit Required
CSE005 Working Safely in Confined Spaces ---
ELE005 Electrical Safety: Beware the Bite                                       
EME009 Emergency Evacuation ---
EME013 The Emergency Action Plan ---
EYE000 Eye Protection ---
FAD009 First Aid: Prepared to Help ---
FIR009           Fire Safety: Alert, Aware, Alive ---
FRK006 Forklift Truck Operations ---
FRK007 Forklift Truck ---
FRK008 Powered Low-Lift Trucks ---
FRK011 Forklift Basics: Safe from the Start
FRK012 Forklift Maneuvers: All the Right Moves
HAZ021 HAZCOM: In Sync With GHS ---
HEA009          Heat Stress: Don't Lose Your Cool ---
HNT000 Powered Hand Tool Safety: Handle with Care ---
HRG002            Hearing Protection: Sounds Good to Me ---
HZR001 Hazard Recognition & Control ---
INV001 Incident Investigation: Getting Started ---
INV002 Incident Investigation: Effective Teams ---
INV003 Incident Investigation: Analyizing the Facts & Causes ---
INV004 Incident Investigation: Recommendations, Communication and Follow up ---
LAB003 Lab Safety: Under the Hood
LAB004           Lab Safety: The Finer Points                                  ---
LAT001 Hindsight: The Ken Woodward Story ---
LAT004 It Will Never Happen To Me ---
LOT002 Lockout For Life ---
LOT004            Lockout/Tagout: An Open and Shut Case ---
LOT009 Lockout/Tagout: Lightning in a Bottle
MER000 All For One: The Meerkat Way ---
MFG000         Good Manufacturing Practices: Food Safety's in Your Hands
MON005 Newcomers at Work ---
MTV000            Defensive Driving ---
MTV001            Defensive Driving: Crash Course
MTV011 Driven to Distraction ---
MTV022 Game Over
OFF001 Office Safety: It's a Jungle in There
PFP001 Personal Fall Protection: One Step Beyond ---
PFP005 Fall Protection: The Right Connection
POI028 FCPA Compliance ---
PPE007           PPE: Don't Start Work Without It
SAF011 Safety Orientation: On Alert
SAF012 Safety Orientation: On Alert ---
STF000           Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls ---
STL000 Ladder Safety
TQM003 Pro-Active Safety Attitudes: Target Zero! ---
VTR048 Handling Suspended Loads Safely ---
VTR070           Firefighting with Extinguishers ---
VTR071 Evacuation of Office Buildings ---
VTR074           Electrical Safety ---
VTR075 ADR: The Transport of Dangerous Goods                      
VTR082           Manual Handling: How to Lift Without Hurting Yourself ---
VTR083 Safe Working with Computers ---
VTR084 Life-Saving Acts ---
VTR085 Basic Safety ---
WEL004            Welding Safety: Safe Work with Hotwork
WWS000 Walking and Working Surfaces