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Safety Courses
Code Title eLearning DVD
ATT000 Pro-Active Safety Attitudes: Looking Out for Number One ---
BAK003 Back Protection: Defending Your Safety Zone ---
CHE005 Chemical Handling Safety: Basic Principles ---
CSE005 Confined Space Entry: Inside Maneuvers ---
CRA003 Crane Inspection ---
CTR000 Contractor Safety: General Requirements ---
CTR001 Contractor Safety: It's Everybody's Business ---
ELE005 Electrical Safety: Beware the Bite 
EME009 Emergency Evacuation: Getting Out Alive ---
EME013 Emergency Action Plan: Crisis Under Control ---
ERG010 Ergonomics: Solving the Puzzle ---
FAD000 First Aid on the Job
FIR004 Fire Safety: There's No Second Chance ---
FRK005 Forklift Fundamentals: Get the Facts ---
FRK006 Forklift Operations: Carry the Load ---
HAZ004 Hazard Communication: The Road to Safety ---
LAB003 Lab Safety: Under the Hood  ---
MTV001 Defensive Driving: A Crash Course ---
PFP001 Personal Fall Protection: One Step Beyond
PPE000 Personal Protective Equipment: You're Covered ---
SAF001 Safety Orientation: It Takes a Winning Attitude ---
SAF011 Safety Orientation: On Alert ---
SCA000 Scaffolds: Safety at All Levels
SCO002 Job Safety Analysis:  Pro-Active Planning
SSL000 Small Spill and Leaks ---
WEL004 Welding Safety: Safework With Hotwork ---