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Government Safety and Human Resources Training

Help Improve Safety and Skills in the Public Sector.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions' government training courses include identifiable experiences from government work environments to make training more relevant and memorable. From bloodborne pathogens for corrections to customer service in the public sector, our government training curriculum will help your organization improve safety and health on the job, create a respectful workplace and develop the skill sets of your workers.

Government Safety Training | Government Safety and Human Resources Training

Government Training


Training your staff has never been easier to organize! With our interactive courseware you can customize training offerings to meet your facility's unique needs. Take advantage of compelling video-enriched content and a user-friendly interface; a combination sure to make a lasting impact. Choose from plant operations, healthcare, human resources, OSHA compliance, 508C and many other government-specific topics to fulfill your mandatory training requirements. Schedule a free, personal online demonstration today!

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Government eLearning
PPE: Reality in the Public Sector Interactive Course

Government Training

Instructor Led

For more than 30 years, the award-winning STOP™ (Safety Training Observation Program) has been helping to create the safest workplace possible. Read more about this innovative and proven program or register to attend a free, no obligation introductory webinar! DuPont has also serviced the National Guard for more than three years with its National Guard Technician Managerial Course – providing supervisors with a deeper understanding of pay administration, conduct management, leave administration and more. » Learn more

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STOP™ for Each Other

Government Training

DVDs and Handbooks

Bring out the best in your staff with exceptional training materials such as DVDs, handbooks, posters and more! By utilizing DuPont Sustainable Solutions' traditional media platform, you can turn your yearly training requirements into a return on your investment, every time.

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Motorcycle Safety Awareness DVD
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Electrical Case History Diversity: Respect at Work Food Safety Series
Electrical Case History

Share the real-life story of one worker who tragically lost his life while working with electricity in this safety training program.

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Diversity: Respect at Work

Employees must work together and create a unity that raises productivity and improves the bottom line. Deliver this powerful lesson to your organization and develop a more diversity-friendly culture.

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Food Safety Series

Help safely manage the food production and preparation process with the information presented in this ten-part health and safety training series.

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Harassment: A New Look (industrial version) Lockout/Tagout workplace safety training Drop by Drop
Harassment: A New Look (industrial version)

Update your training and educate your employees on the new forms of harassment: workplace bullying, third-party harassment, digital harassment, etc.

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Lockout/Tagout: Make No Mistake

Review OSHA’s General Industry Standard and the seven steps of lockout/tagout in this safety training course.

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Drop by Drop

Spot and stop micro-inequities. Raise your employees’ awareness by showing them how the small stuff they take for granted – gestures, comments, even body language – can eventually trigger destructive consequences.

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multi-craft curriculum skills training

The award-winning DuPont™ STOP® program provides a path to workplace safety excellence by making safe behavior and workplace conditions part of the work culture – thus helping prevent injuries and incidents. For more than 30 years, thousands of companies and government organizations worldwide have realized the benefits of this program, not only in human terms but as real dollars and cents. Read more about this innovative and proven program or register to attend a free, no obligation introductory webinar!

Safety Currents™ Express eNewsletter

Safety Currents™ Express eNewsletter

Designed for safety professionals and packed with news and industry information. Published bimonthly.

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City of Danville
City of Danville

In September 2010, the Utilities Department of the City of Danville, Va, achieved a goal almost unheard of in e-learning circles: 100 percent employee participation in its online training program. How did they do it?

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Government Safety and Human Resources Training

DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ government education and training programs can help improve the safety and skills of those working in the public sector. Our government training courses are designed to be relatable and relevant, and incorporate government-specific workplace experiences to help improve training retention.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions offers a multi-platform government safety training curriculum that can help your organization reduce incidents, avoid the high costs of non-compliance and transform the safety culture of your workplace. Our e-learning, instructor-led and traditional media training solutions can help turn your government safety training program into a return on your investment every time.

Our government human resources training and government compliance training curriculum is designed to release untapped potential and improve workplace relations. Stringent laws and regulations involving employment, privacy and identity theft leave your organization vulnerable to costly legal pitfalls, and ignorance is not a valid defense in a court of law. These courses can help create a respectful workplace while guiding your workforce into the habit of ethical decision-making, all while staying in compliance with applicable regulations.

The DuPont™ eLearning Suite makes training your staff easier to organize than ever before! Our Interactive Courseware allows you to customize your government safety training and compliance training offerings to meet the unique needs of your organization. In addition to OSHA compliance and privacy compliance, topics include healthcare, plant operations, 508C and many more geared specifically to government institutions. Schedule a FREE, personal online demonstration today to see for yourself how our compelling video-enriched content and user-friendly interface will make a lasting impact in the minds of your employees.

The award-winning DuPont™ STOP® training program has been used by numerous government organizations to help create the safest workplace environment possible. Register here for a no obligation, free introductory webinar and see firsthand why DuPont is a trusted name in government education and training.

Our exceptional traditional media training materials include DVDs and handbooks designed to bring out the best in your staff. A preview of each government training course is available online, or we can send FREE 7-day previews directly to your facility.

Remove the barriers that are standing in the way of unleashing workplace productivity with the full range of government safety and government compliance training products from DuPont Sustainable Solutions – available in various delivery formats designed to suit your facility’s budget and organizational structure and your employees’ learning preferences.

OSHA Updates FEDTARG Directive for FY 2012

Federal establishments that have high lost time cases may have to avail or update their government training courses, among other changes.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revised the Federal Agency Targeting Inspection Program (FEDTARG) directive for the current fiscal year.

FEDTARG is a safety inspection program that targets federal agencies with plenty of lost time cases. It began in 2008 following recommendations from the Government Accountability Office, which had audited OSHA.

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