Government Safety and Human Resources Training

Help your organization improve safety and health on the job, create a respectful workplace and develop the skill sets of your workers with our government training solutions.

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  • Top 20 Content Development Companies Award

    DuPont Sustainable Solutions Named among Top 20 Content Development Companies

    DuPont Sustainable Solutions was named to the 2015 Top 20 Content Development Companies list, which recognizes the top learning organizations.

  • New Product Award – Workplace Safety Training


    Choose from hundreds of streaming videos on the latest safety, human resources, maintenance & reliability and healthcare issues.
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  • Robert W. Campbell Award from National Safety Council

    DuPont Receives 2013 Robert W. Campbell Award from National Safety Council

    The National Safety Council presented its 2013 Robert W. Campbell Award to DuPont, recognizing the company’s commitment to the environment, health and safety as part of its everyday operations.
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  • Travel Safety: Know Before You Go

    Get important information to help travelers plan their trip as well as stay safe underway and at the hotel.
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  • Food Safety Series

    Help safely manage the food production and preparation process with the information presented in this 10-part health and safety training series.
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  • Supervisor on the Scene Series

    Help supervisors improve critical skills with this new series of training programs covering coaching, communication, conflict resolution and decision-making as well as conducting effective meetings and training sessions.
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  • Workplace Violence: Looking Out for Each Other

    Workplace Violence: Looking Out for Each Other

    Alert employees to the less newsworthy but still damaging kinds of workplace violence, such as threats, intimidation, harassment, bullying, cyber-bullying and domestic abuse that can lead to more serious incidents.
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  • HazCom: In Sync With GHS

    Share important information on the new standardized process of communicating chemical hazards with this safety training program.
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  • Lockout/Tagout: Make No Mistake

    Review OSHA's General Industry Standard and the seven steps of lockout/tagout in this training course.
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  • Harassment: A New Look (Industrial Version)

    Harassment: A New Look (Industrial Version)

    Update your training and educate your employees on the new forms of harassment: workplace bullying, third-party harassment, digital harassment, etc.
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  • Drop by Drop

    Spot and stop micro-inequities. Raise your employees’ awareness by showing them how the small stuff they take for granted – gestures, comments, even body language – can eventually trigger destructive consequences.
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  • Health and Safety Training Curriculum

    A listing of our health and safety courses to help organize your training initiatives. Includes more than 300 course titles arranged into 14 training curricula.

  • Safety Currents™ Express eNewsletter

    Designed for safety professionals and packed with news and industry information. Published bimonthly. Subscribe

  • OSHA Compliance

    Use this chart to help stay on top of OSHA training requirements. Find training programs designed to address specific standards.
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  • Free Electrical Safety Video Clip

    A humorous video clip perfect for a safety short or meeting opener that can be done in just minutes. Part of our “Wrong Way Right Way” safety training series.
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State/Local and Federal Government Training

Help Improve Safety and Skills in the Public Sector

DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ government training courses include identifiable experiences from government work environments to make training more relevant and memorable. From bloodborne pathogens for law enforcement to customer service in the public sector, our learning and development solutions will help your organization improve safety and health on the job, create a respectful workplace and develop the skill sets of your workers.

Government Safety Training

Help Increase Safety Awareness and Safe Behaviors

Our government safety training solutions can help your organization reduce incidents, avoid the high costs of non-compliance and transform the safety culture of your workplace. Choose from a single delivery format, or blend any of our online courses, DVDs, streaming videos and workshops to meet your specific training needs. Also available is DuPont™ STOP® (Safety Training Observation Program), our award-winning program that provides a path to workplace safety excellence by making safe behavior and workplace conditions part of the work culture – thus helping prevent injuries and incidents. For more than 30 years, thousands of companies and government organizations worldwide have realized the benefits of this program, not only in human terms but in real dollars and cents. See for yourself why DuPont is a trusted name in safety training.
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Government Human Resources Training

Help Unleash Workplace Productivity

Our government human resources training courses can help your organization remove barriers to unleash workplace productivity. From diversity to communication training, these courses help cultivate understanding, create a respectful workplace and develop the skill sets of your employees and managers. Plus, you'll find the compliance training you need to help educate yourself and your employees on stringent employment, privacy and identity theft regulations and safeguard your organization from costly legal pitfalls. Because ignorance to the law is no defense.
Browse government human resources training courses.

Government Ethics Training

Help Guide Ethical Decision-Making

Also available are courses designed to raise awareness of ethical issues and cultivate an open, ethical culture that encourages employees to spot and report wrongdoing. Popular government ethics training courses include Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right, which gives employees a framework to navigate difficult ethical dilemmas and Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases, which uses humor to help teach employees the wrong way and right way to handle 17 common ethics issues.
Browse government ethics training courses.

Online Government Training

Make a Good Impression. For Retention’s Sake.

Our Interactive Courseware features compelling, video-enriched content and a user-friendly interface – a combination sure to make a lasting impact. Choose from plant operations, OSHA compliance, human resources, healthcare and many other government-specific topics to fulfill your training requirements. Courses are available 24/7 to fit in with employees’ busy schedules and can easily be customized to include organizational-specific information. Popular online government training courses include Lockout/Tagout: Make No Mistake, which reviews OSHA’s General Industry Standard and Four Generations: The Greatest Potential, which helps organizations reduce misunderstandings and improve teamwork and productivity.

In addition to our Interactive Courseware, the scalable applications of the DuPont™ eLearning Suite enable you to manage users, curriculums and components as your learning needs evolve. Deliver, manage and track learning with the Learning Management System. Create your own custom online courses with the Authoring Tool. Identify learning gaps and opportunities with the Assessment Builder. Finally, track your specific work requirements with the Contractor Tracking System. See for yourself what the DuPont™ eLearning Suite can do for your organization!
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Government Training DVDs

Classroom Tools to Get the Conversation Going

Our quality state/local and federal government training DVDs feature chapterized content organized around learning objectives. At the end of each chapter, trainers can pause for discussion and to drive home key learning points. Supporting handbooks and posters then help keep the message fresh. Best-selling DVDs include Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases, which uses humor to show employees the wrong way and right way of handling 10 common safety issues and Drop by Drop, which helps raise awareness of micro-inequities and their destructive consequences.
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Government Training Videos

Stream Training Videos on Demand with CoastalFlix℠

CoastalFlix℠, our new video streaming solution, offers a library of training content for desktop and mobile delivery. Ever needed to train a hard-to-reach employee in the field? Or wished for just a short video clip to drive home a specific training point? Then CoastalFlix℠ is for you. Choose from hundreds of government training videos and video clips. Purchase then access the streaming videos from any web-enabled device.
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