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Healthcare Training

Help Employees Work Safer and Smarter to Provide Quality Patient Care

As a leading provider of healthcare compliance training for more than 25 years, our goal is to help you protect the safety and health of your staff and patients, develop employees' knowledge, and meet government training mandates. Our blended learning solutions can be used throughout your organization to help cover basic mandatories, ethics and compliance, and facility safety and maintenance.

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Healthcare Safety, Compliance and Risk Management Training


Deliver flexible, interactive online healthcare training anytime, anywhere. Each course features compelling and customizable content and includes a printable certificate of completion for each course mastered. It’s an affordable solution that helps keep employees trained and organizations in compliance. Want to improve employee knowledge through a meaningful online healthcare training curriculum that delivers measurable results? Review our easy-to-use, comprehensive e-learning system. Schedule a free, personal online demonstration today!

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Bloodborne Pathogens eLearning
BBP in Your World: Don't Risk It!
Interactive Course

Healthcare Safety, Compliance and Risk Management Training

DVDs and Handbooks

Enhance annual training initiatives with our healthcare training DVDs. Each DVD features video-enriched content organized around learning objectives to facilitate group discussion. They are ideal for refresher training to reinforce important safety and compliance mandates. Then keep the message fresh with our training handbooks and posters. Most handbooks include a tear-out quiz.

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Hand Hygiene: The Best Medicine DVD
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March Mania alt CoastalFlix™
March Mania

Our March Mania* is going on now! Stock up your training library with new releases, best sellers and award-winning programs!

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Choose from hundreds of streaming videos on the latest healthcare, safety, human resources, and maintenance & reliability issues.

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HazCom For Healthcare: A GHS Overview Customer Service In Long-Term Care: Making It World-Class Ebola Training for Healthcare Providers
HazCom For Healthcare: A
GHS Overview

This new program will help employees understand this new standardized process of communicating chemical hazards.

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Customer Service In Long-Term Care: Making It World-Class

Provides the 10 rules of world-class customer service to help identify then satisfy customer expectations.

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Ebola Training for Healthcare Providers

Our Ebola virus disease programs will help healthcare personnel understand the step-by-step hand hygiene guidelines, appropriate PPE protocols, infection control, and disinfecting procedures.

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Cultural Competency: Just Good Healthcare HIPAA: Do The Right Thing! BBP In Your World: Don't Risk It
Cultural Competency: Just Good Healthcare

Designed to help healthcare professionals provide patient-centered care.

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HIPAA: Do The Right Thing!

Explains the basics of the HIPAA Privacy Rule including permitted and non-permitted use and disclosure of "Protected Health Information" (PHI).

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BBP In Your World: Don't Risk It

BBP In Your World: Don't Risk It will help assist your facility in eliminating the spread of deadly bloodborne pathogens.

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Healthcare Training Catalog PDF Healthcare Training Curriculum PDF Healthcare Comprehensive Training Curriculum PDF
Healthcare Training Catalog PDF

Lost your copy? Or gone paperless? Check out this online version.

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Healthcare Training Curriculum PDF

A listing of our healthcare safety and compliance DVD programs and online courses to help organize your training initiatives.

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Healthcare Comprehensive Training Curriculum PDF

Our comprehensive curriculum includes a listing of our healthcare safety, ethics & compliance, and facility maintenance training courses.

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Dallas Nephrology Associates REACH Air Medical Services Proliance Surgeons
Dallas Nephrology Associates

Discover what led David Knop, Director of Human Resources, to say about the Coastal eLearning System™, "This type of training is so much better than what we had, it’s easy. The cost is reasonable..."

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REACH Air Medical Services

Learn how REACH Air Medical Services is successfully providing continuing education with the Coastal eLearning System™ to their team of healthcare professionals, pilots, maintenance technicians and communication specialists.

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Proliance Surgeons

Find out how more than 200 healthcare professionals are now receiving comprehensive training that meets the regulatory needs of their organization through ClarityNet® online courses and the Coastal eLearning System™.

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disruptive_behavior_quiz bloodborne pathogen-quiz hand_hygiene_quiz
Test Your Knowledge About
Disruptive Behavior

A respectful work environment helps contribute to increased teamwork, higher morale and better patient care.

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Refresh Your BBP Knowledge

What should you do if you are exposed to a BBP?

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Proper hand hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of infections

Help remind your staff about proper hand hygiene practices.

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Healthcare Training | DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Healthcare administrators know that ongoing training helps protect the safety and well-being of not only your staff, but your patients as well. DuPont Sustainable Solutions has been a leading provider of healthcare compliance training courses for more than 25 years. Our training materials are available in both e-learning and traditional media formats; blended learning solutions that are a cost-effective, affordable way of keeping your organization in compliance with federal regulations. Regardless of the budget or organizational structure of your facility, DuPont has healthcare training courses that can help your employees work safer and smarter, ensuring that quality care is continually provided for your patients.

In the past, healthcare training results could be difficult to measure. Now with the DuPont™ eLearning Suite, featuring our curriculum of online healthcare training courses, you can help develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of your employees in a measurable way, and help bring your organization into compliance with government training mandates. Our online healthcare training is flexible and interactive, which allows your workforce to complete required training anytime, anywhere. This content is not only compelling, but completely customizable to the unique needs of your organization. Each online healthcare training course also includes a printable certificate of completion once the material has been mastered. Contact us today to schedule a free, personal demonstration of the DuPont™ eLearning Suite and our healthcare compliance training curriculum.

Our traditional training materials are also popular, cost-effective ways of enhancing annual health care training initiatives. These DVDs help reinforce important safety and compliance mandates for your staff. Every DVD is designed to facilitate group discussion, as the video-enriched content is organized around learning objectives. Our healthcare training handbooks – most of which include a tear-out quiz – will help keep the message fresh in the minds of your employees year-round.

Our healthcare training programs include staff and patient safety, infection control, ambulatory care, home health care, long-term care and more. Browse this site for our full offering of online healthcare training courses, DVDs and handbooks. Give our FREE online previews a try, or have FREE 7-day previews sent directly to your facility.