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HIV/Aids: What Caregivers Need To Know

Product Description

As of December 2001, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 57 documented cases of U.S. healthcare workers who have had seroconverted - developed antibodies - to HIV following occupational exposures. Twenty-six of these developed AIDS. Educate your employees on what they can do to ensure their safety from HIV exposure and infection.

  • Definition of HIV
  • When HIV becomes AIDS
  • Symptoms
  • Types of exposure
  • Standard precautions

Added features and benefits of DVD training include:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation – makes training site-specific; excellent for training different personnel and departments
  • Training points – outlines key learning points of your training; reinforces important safety points to your employees
  • Chapterized content – video-enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates classroom discussion; ideal for refresher training, specific training points, and navigating through the course
  • Expanded leader's guide – excellent resource to help plan and implement your presentation; a quiz is provided that can serve as a pre- and/or post-evaluative tool
  • Portable convenience – perfect for those who train and travel!

Exposure to the HIV virus poses a serious risk to healthcare workers exposed to infected blood, body fluids containing blood and concentrated virus in labs. This program will take a closer look at some of the safety measures – hand hygiene and sharps safety, and explore what healthcare providers need to know to stop transmission, exposure and possible infection to HIV and other dangerous bloodborne pathogens.

Transmission and Precautions

  • HIV Transmission from Host-to-Host
  • Standard Precautions and Barrier Protection
  • Hand Hygiene and Sharps Safety

Exposure Control and Guidelines

  • What to Do if Exposure Occurs
  • Guidelines of Care for HIV-Infected Patients

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