Human Resources Training

Help your organization improve competencies, promote an ethical and respectful work environment,
and comply with relevant employment regulation with our human resources training and development curriculum.

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    Just June Special

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  • Supervisor Development Workshop

    Engage supervisors with powerful, hands-on training that can help them be more effective leaders.
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  • Top 20 Content Development Companies Award

    DuPont Sustainable Solutions Named among Top 20 Content Development Companies

    Named to the 2016 Top 20 Content Development Companies list, which recognizes the top learning organizations.

  • DuPont™ Authoring Tool

    Named to the 2015 Top 20 Authoring Tools list, which recognizes tools with outstanding features and capabilities, among other factors.

  • Workplace Violence: Looking Out for Each Other

    Workplace Violence: Looking Out for Each Other

    Alert employees to the less newsworthy but still damaging kinds of workplace violence, such as threats, intimidation, harassment, bullying, cyber-bullying and domestic abuse that can lead to more serious incidents.
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  • Supervisor on the Scene Series

    Help supervisors improve critical skills with this new series of training programs covering coaching, communication, conflict resolution and decision-making as well as conducting effective meetings and training sessions.
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  • Diversity: Respect at Work

    Just as each instrument in a band is needed to weave a rich harmony, so does every employee in an organization contribute to its goals. Employees must work together and create a unity that raises productivity and improves the bottom line.
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  • It's Not Working: Workplace Etiquette

    Show how bad manners can hurt morale, performance and productivity. Set in a work area of office cubicles, this new program features engaging dialogues that describe six rules of office etiquette.
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  • Drop by Drop

    Help spot and stop micro-inequities. Raise employees’ awareness by showing them how small acts they may take for granted – gestures, comments, even body language – can eventually trigger destructive consequences.
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  • Harassment: A New Look

    Introduce employees to the newer, yet equally devastating forms of harassment with this best-selling training program.
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  • Communication Breakdown

    Identify the seven most important communication problems that can derail your organization and learn a fix for each in this best-selling program.
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  • Diversity: The Real Scene

    Review a multitude of scenarios that invite reflection on discriminatory behavior, teamwork and responsibility in the treatment of others.
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DuPont Sustainable Solutions works with thought leaders and practicing attorneys to stay abreast of the constantly changing compliance climate so that our clients have the most up-to-date and effective ethics learning solutions available.

  • The DuPont Primary Law Firms assisted us in developing the content.
  • Through DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ blended learning solutions, we are able to deliver the content in the most effective and efficient manner to meet your business needs.
  • By working with key thought leaders in the areas of ethics, compliance, governance, and risk, we are able to provide our clients with best practices and legal expertise that these leaders have obtained from many years of working with Boards of Directors, CEOs, General Counsel, and Chief Human Resource Officers.

Meet the legal minds behind our corporate compliance training.
  • HR Compliance Training Curriculum PDF

    Human Resources Training Curriculum PDF

    A listing of our human resources training courses divided into compliance and soft skills for managers and employees to help organize your training initiatives.

  • Blended Learning Catalog PDF

    Blended Learning Catalog PDF

    Bring learning to life with the right blend of our learning and development solutions – all designed to help raise awareness, improve attitudes, align behaviors and develop skills.

  • Human Resources Training and Development Video Clip

    Free Responsible Communication Video Clip

    A humorous video clip perfect for refresher training or a meeting opener than can be done in just minutes. Part of our "Wrong Way Right Way" ethics training series.
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  • Human Resources Training and Development Video Clip

    Free Generations at Work Video Clip

    Use this "Generations at Work" video clip to show employees how age differences can result in harassment or discriminatory behavior at work.
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Human Resources Training and Development

Empower Employees to Improve Performance

Employees are an organization's greatest resource. Investment in employee and supervisor development can lead to a host of benefits including a powerful and sustained competitive advantage. Our human resources training and development curriculum is designed to help organizations improve competencies, promote an ethical and respectful work environment, and comply with relevant employment regulation. Choose from new and updated courses on respect, business correspondence, harassment, diversity, leadership and employment compliance. Such valuable training content is then delivered via advanced learning technologies and classroom tools designed to engage participants and bring the message to life.

Corporate Compliance Training

Never Leave Compliance Up to Chance

We stay current with the compliance issues most relevant to organizations and, by working with thought leaders and practicing attorneys, can provide our clients with the best practices distilled from years of experience. Developed with the assistance of these experts, our HR compliance training curriculum is designed to teach employees and supervisors about their critical roles in organizational compliance and risk management. Best-selling courses cover FCPA, FLSA, FMLA and ADA compliance as well as harassment, privacy laws, third-party due diligence and global bribery. Help strengthen your corporate compliance training program with these essential courses.
Download our HR compliance training curriculum.

Online Human Resources Training

Deliver Engaging Training Content Anywhere, Anytime

Choose from current and compelling online human resources training courses in multiple languages and simplify your training administration with the help of the DuPont™ eLearning Suite. See how your organization can benefit from the platform’s interactive features, centralized administration, documentation capabilities, customizable content, 24/7 anywhere access, and individualized learning pace.
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HR Training DVDs

Classroom Tools to Get the Conversation Going

Enliven your training program with the help of our comprehensive DVD courseware. Each of our human resources DVDs features video-enriched content organized around learning objectives to facilitate group discussion. Choose from a variety of programs on the most pressing issues, such as diversity, harassment, leadership, communication, customer service and more. Meanwhile, our handbooks and posters provide follow-up training to help keep the message fresh.
Preview and purchase HR training DVDs online!

Human Resources Training Videos

Stream Training on Demand with CoastalFlix℠

Our new CoastalFlix℠ video streaming solution offers human resources training videos on demand from any web-enabled device. Access more than 1,000 videos covering all of our learning topics with the CoastalFlix℠ Open Pass. Or you can simply purchase select human resources videos and video clips. In either case, you can administer your training by creating separate playlists for individuals or groups of employees.
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Improve performance and productivity and avoid costly legal pitfalls with the help of our award-winning human resources training programs.