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Product Description

Every year, there are thousands of ladder accidents, and without proper safety measures, the number will only climb. Take ladder safety several notches higher and see the stats go down. This course illustrates proper ladder use, explains the causes for ladder accidents and describes safety and preventive measures to help your employees avoid these risks. The different types of ladders - specialty and fixed, selection of the right ladder for the job, fall protection and ladder inspection and maintenance procedures are also covered in this online course.

Assess The Job

  • Work Area Height
  • Support
  • Load
  • Select The Ladder

  • Duty Rating
  • Commonly Used Ladders
  • Labeling
  • Proper Use

  • Inspection
  • Transporting
  • Setting Up
  • Climbing and Working
  • Job-Made Ladders

  • Inspection
  • Construction and Use
  • To learn more about our interactive online courseware, visit our DuPont™ eLearning Suite homepage or schedule a free online demonstration.

    SKU: STL001