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Legal & Effective Interviewing

Product Description

Knowing your legal boundaries is one of the most important facets of the interviewing process. An interview is not a chance for interviewers to do or say anything they want. Such behavior is only a lawsuit waiting to happen. Stick to the legality of interview guidelines and facilitate a fair and effective exchange. This course reviews ADA and other EEOC regulations, so that your HR staff can avoid possible discrimination charges and hire the perfect person for the job. It also lists the questions that can and cannot be asked, develops interviewing skills, and prepares your supervisors for that perfect, on-target interview.


  • Introduction

Avoiding Discriminatory Hiring Practices

  • The Danger of Discrimination
  • Ten Topics to Avoid in Interviews

Effective Interviewing

  • Resume Review and Telephone Screening
  • Scheduling the Interview
  • Common Types of Interviews
  • Developing Interview Questions
  • Preparing the Interview Script
  • Conducting the Interview

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