Maintenance and Reliability Training

Build the multi-skilled workforce your organization needs to thrive. Help develop employees’ core competencies as well as job- and industry-specific skills with our maintenance and reliability training curriculum.

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    Just June Special

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  • DuPont Sustainable Solutions Named among Top 20 Content Development Companies

    Named to the 2016 Top 20 Content Development Companies list, which recognizes the top learning organizations

  • New Product Award – Workplace Safety Training


    Choose from hundreds of streaming videos on the latest safety, human resources, maintenance & reliability and healthcare issues.
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  • DuPont Sustainable Solutions named among Top 20 Workforce Development Companies monitors the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies.
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  • Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration DVD

    Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration

    Help keep employees safe and prevent refrigeration equipment breakdowns with this new training program.
    Full preview

  • Maintenance Principles

    This course shows workers how solid maintenance principles can be used to reduce the influence of defects that come from five sources: workmanship, operation, materials, design, and failure events.
    Full preview

  • Electrical Measurement: Digital Multimeters and Clampmeters

    Give employees an overview of the key components, functions, care, maintenance and safety considerations of digital multimeters and clampmeters with this new course.
    Full preview

  • Ohm’s Law

    Ohm’s Law

    Show employees how to use Ohm's Law and calculate for resistance, voltage, voltage drops, and current in different circuits with this new training program.
    Full preview

  • Maintenance Principles

    This course shows workers how solid maintenance principles can be used to reduce the influence of defects that come from five sources: workmanship, operation, materials, design, and failure events.
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  • Hydraulics 7-Part Series

    Hydraulics 7-Part Series

    Explore the dynamics of hydraulic systems with this seven-part series, which covers hydraulic circuits, pumps, actuators, valves, fluids, safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
    Full preview

  • Industrial Bearings 3-Part Series

    Industrial Bearings 3-Part Series

    This three-part series provides instruction on the application of bearings and such tasks as proper installation, removal, lubrication, and troubleshooting.
    Full preview

  • Vibration Analysis 7-Part Series

    Vibration Analysis 7-Part Series

    Covers the introduction to vibration analysis, theory, data collection, and data analysis.
    Full preview

  • Industrial Skills Training Curriculum PDF

    Maintenance & Reliability Multi-Craft Training Curriculum PDF

    Our comprehensive curriculum includes more than 350 training courses designed to help improve employee skills in the areas of operations and maintenance.

  • Maintenance & Reliability Product Information PDF

    Maintenance & Reliability Product Information PDF

    Learn how our consultants, engineers and instructional designers can support and design your maintenance and reliability program.

  • Maintenance Principles Infographic

    Maintenance Principles Infographic

    Remind maintenance operators or technicians that they are the voice for the equipment with this digital file.
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Maintenance Training

The Right Skills. Right Now.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions can help you assess your employees' skill levels and develop maintenance and reliability training curricula tailored to their individual needs. Our more than 500 compelling and cutting-edge industrial training courses will help improve your employees' core, job-specific, and industry-specific competencies and help you get the multi-skilled workforce you need to do more with less, enhance operational efficiency, and improve profitability.

Our materials help deliver measurable results, and are available in a variety of formats to fit your budget and the learning preferences of your workforce. The DuPont™ eLearning Suite and our online training curriculum provide a comprehensive training, testing and tracking solution, while our DVDs facilitate group training sessions and our streaming videos enable mobile delivery.

Join the thousands of organizations who benefit from our catalog of industrial maintenance training materials! To uphold our commitment to product stewardship, all programs are reviewed by DuPont subject matter experts to help ensure compliance with health, safety, environmental, ethical and operational standards.

Online Maintenance Training

Interactive Exercises. Centralized Administration. A Win-Win.

The DuPont™ eLearning Suite features hundreds of online maintenance training courses that your workforce can study anywhere, anytime, at their own individualized learning pace. Assess the skill level of your employees then develop training curricula tailored to their individual needs. The interactive course content is customizable, can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere, and the DuPont™ eLearning Suite reporting capabilities provide tangible evidence that your industrial skills training is leading to real, measureable results.

Don’t miss the 16-Part DuPont™ Energy Efficiency Series, designed to provide industrial facilities around the world with the necessary skills to improve energy efficiency and profitability, or the best-selling 5-Part Boiler Operation and Control Series.
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Maintenance and Reliability Training DVDs

Choose from More Than 350 Titles. Multiple Languages Available.

Browse this site for our full offering of maintenance training DVDs and workbooks. Some of our latest releases include Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration, which is designed to help keep employees safe and prevent refrigeration equipment breakdowns, and Maintenance Principles, which shows workers how solid maintenance principles can be used to reduce the influence of defects that come from five sources. Additionally, the 11-part Pipefitting Series covers reading piping drawings, threading and measuring pipe, and much more.

Some of our best-selling maintenance training courses include the 7-part Hydraulics Series, which introduces students to the safety, maintenance and troubleshooting involved with hydraulic circuits, actuators, fluids, pumps and valves. The 6-part Motor Drives maintenance training series introduces your employees to the fundamentals of motor drive operation and setup, and the 7-Part Industrial Electricity Series familiarizes students with the important properties of electricity and the common electrical elements found in industrial settings.
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Industrial Maintenance Training Videos

Stream Videos on Demand with CoastalFlix℠

Our new CoastalFlix℠ video streaming solution offers maintenance and reliability training videos on demand from any web-enabled device. Choose from full-length videos for a complete training session or video clips to kick off a meeting or refresh workers on a specific training point. Create separate playlists for individuals or groups of employees.
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Whether you prefer online maintenance training courses, DVDs or streaming videos, the curriculum produced by DuPont Sustainable Solutions and reviewed by our team of subject matter experts will help improve your employee training program, measure real results, enhance operational efficiency and improve profitability. Give our free online previews a try.

Go Beyond Reliability with Industrial Maintenance Training

It’s no surprise that maintenance training can improve the speed and quality of your maintenance program. By training your maintenance personnel in industry best practices, you can help bring those practices to bear on the day to day maintenance of your critical systems, improve uptime and get the most out of your maintenance efforts.

But maintenance training can also help take your operation beyond reliability, and into the realm of improved performance and efficiency. As equipment failure rates go down, the collateral damage and defects introduced by failures also decline, giving your systems a fighting chance to do what they do best: produce for you.

In addition, maintenance training provides valuable insights to maintenance personnel in the theory of equipment operation, helping them to understand not just how to maintain it properly, but also to recognize factors that can impair efficient operation, and symptoms of inefficient operation. And the longer equipment operates efficiently, the more money you can save during its operating cycle.