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Milling & Tool Sharpening: Use Of The Face Milling Cutter On The Horizontal Mill

Product Description

Milling & Tool Sharpening: Use of the Face Milling Cutter on the Horizontal Mill is part eight of the Milling & Tool Sharpening 14-part training series.

The machinist is often required to machine flat surfaces at a right angle to the cutter axis. The face milling cutter is well suited for this operation. This course will demonstrate the use of the face milling cutter on the horizontal milling machine.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the safety precautions to be observed when using face milling cutters on the horizontal milling machine
  • Identify face milling cutters
  • Explain the procedures for milling with a face milling cutter on the horizontal mill.

Our DVDs are portable and easy-to-use. Training content is "chapterized," or organized by learning objectives to:

  • Help with course navigation
  • Enable training administrators to cover specific training points and conduct refresher training
  • Facilitate classroom discussion.
SKU: M40080

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