July 15, 2011 / Volume 9, Number 14
OSHA Issues Hazard Alert on Scissor Lifts
NOAA Weather Alerts to Include Heat-Stress Tips
Get Safety Going
OSHA to Discuss Infection Control with Stakeholders
Help Get Employees Involved in Their Safety
OSHA At A Glance
OSHA Issues Hazard Alert on Scissor Lifts
Student worker on scissor lift dies filming football practice

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released a Hazard Alert on scissor lifts, urging employers and employees to recognize and avoid potential dangers of such equipment.

Last fall, a student worker from the University of Notre Dame fell from a scissor lift as he was filming football practice. The lift was over 39 feet in the air, where 50-mph winds blew it over. It was reported that he was not properly trained to operate the machine.

OSHA's Hazard Alert describes how falls can happen and how they can be prevented:

Factors That Cause Falling
or Slipping
Safety Measures
Poor weather or strong winds
Inspect lift’s controls
and components
Lift is set on soft or uneven ground, or on weak utility covers
Select firm and level ground on which to set the lift
Lift overloaded with heavy objects
Ensure the lift has a
guardrail system
Lift without guardrails
Let only trained workers
operate the lift
Brakes are not properly set
Operate the lift only in safe
weather conditions

Electrocution is also a risk if a scissor lift comes into contact with electrical lines.

For more information, visit the Hazard Alert page.
NOAA Weather Alerts to Include Heat-Stress Tips
Weather agency teams up with OSHA.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will begin incorporating safety precautions when it issues heat alerts throughout the country.

Alerts include:
  • Excessive Heat Outlook – when a heat event may take place in the next 3 to 7 days
  • Excessive Heat Watch – when a heat event may take place in the next 12 to 48 hours
  • Excessive Heat Warning/Advisory – when a heat event is expected in the next 36 hours
Visit NOAA's heat-wave page to get more details on these alerts.

OSHA's partnership with NOAA is part of the National Heat Illness Campaign, which includes the Water-Rest-Shade program to help protect workers as they work in fiery summer temperatures.

Over 1,500 workers die each year on average in the United States because of extreme heat, according to NOAA.

To promote the NOAA/OSHA partnership, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels held a conference call June 21 with meteorologists and members of the weather media.

Also, in Dallas, Texas, OSHA personnel took part in Univision's TV Phone Bank Program to inform the public on heat-related illnesses. They fielded questions on worker rights, timing of breaks, and hydration, and handled complaints of construction workers, who said they did not have access to water or break areas.

For more safety information, consult OSHA’s National Heat Illness Campaign Website, which outlines heat–stress symptoms, safety tips, and emergency-response measures.
Get Safety Going
Prevent injuries by increasing safety awareness.

STOP™ – DuPont’s Safety Observation Training Program – was created to help prevent injuries and incidents. STOP™ For Supervision is designed to help supervisors look at safety in a new way, so they can help themselves and their employees work safely. During STOP™ training, supervisors will develop their safety awareness and learn to talk to employees about all aspects of safety.

STOP™ For Supervision consists of self–study workbooks, field activities, and engaging group discussion meetings. These components work together, in a proven instructional design method, to introduce and reinforce the STOP™ concepts that help participants change their approach to safety. The result is an effective safety program that can significantly reduce incidents and injuries at your site.

This program is designed for people in positions of responsibility and authority, especially supervisors and team leaders. In many organizations, supervisors and team leaders are responsible for production, quality, morale and cost. In organizations that have good safety performance, supervisors are also responsible for safety. STOP™ For Supervision reinforces supervisors’ and team leaders’ responsibility for safety by giving them the tools they need to help prevent incidents and injuries.

STOP™ For Supervision shows participants how to encourage safe work and address unsafe situations. This is the foundation of a strong safety culture – one in which people are committed to the belief that all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented.

Learn more during a FREE one-hour STOP™ webinar. Register today!

Discover how STOP™ For Supervision and STOP™ For Each Other fit together at a STOP™ Overview Workshop near you. Find the best date and location here.

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OSHA to Discuss Infection Control with Stakeholders
Schedules two meetings later this month.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set two stakeholder meetings to get comments on exposure to infectious diseases in the workplace.

The meetings will take place at the U.S. Department of Labor on July 29, 2011. The agenda will cover, among other things:
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using a program standard to limit occupational exposure to infectious diseases
  • Whether and to what extent an OSHA standard should require employers to develop a written worker infection control plan
  • Whether and to what extent OSHA should take alternative approaches to rulemaking to improve compliance with current infection control guidelines
Read the entire press release for more information, including procedures to join the meetings.

Visit the Federal Register document.

Help Get Employees Involved in Their Safety
New training program encourages participation

As you know, employees are one of the greatest resources when it comes to making your workplace safer. They’re on the front line. They, better than anyone, know the job, the environment and the hazards. But, how do you get them to take ownership and get involved in their own safety?

DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ new Employee Involvement: The Key To Safety helps your employees understand why their participation in workplace safety not only benefits your organization, but themselves too. Show your workers how they can take an active role in their safety through good housekeeping practices, thorough safety inspections, incident investigations and safety committees.

Encourage employees in all industries to take an active role in their safety. Employee Involvement: The Key To Safety can be used to complement any OSHA Process Safety Management or VPP program. It is currently available on DVD and coming soon as an interactive online course.

Help your employees take part in enhancing their safety culture! Order a FREE 7-day preview of Employee Involvement: The Key To Safety today!

OSHA At A Glance
OSHA publishes new document.

Do your employees need a quick overview of OSHA's functions?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released OSHA-At-A-Glance, a three-page document that outlines the various aspects of the agency’s role as promoter and enforcer of workplace safety.

OSHA-At-A-Glance provides:
  • A very brief history of OSHA
  • The scope of OSHA (jurisdiction)
  • Employer and employee rights
  • The nature of OSHA standards
  • The dynamics of workplace inspections
  • Kinds of compliance assistance for employers
  • Types of compliance guidance materials
Concise yet comprehensive, the document contains information that can acquaint employees to the workings of the agency.

Download a free copy.

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