August 1, 2011 | Volume 9, Number 15
OSHA Holds Web Chat On Regulatory Agenda
OSHA Shame Strategies
Get Safety Going™
Solis Speaks Out On Heat-Wave Safety
Enforcement Campaigns Can Reduce Distracted Driving
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OSHA Holds Web Chat On Regulatory Agenda
Sums up standards passed, cites future regulations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducted an online, public discussion regarding the recent Regulatory Agenda. The agenda identifies the status of safety regulations and whether they are in the pre-rule, proposed rule, final rule or completed stage.

Proposed Rule
Final Rule
Completed Stage
Occupational Exposure to Berylium
Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica
Confined Spaces in Construction
General Working Conditions for Shipyard Employment
Occupational Exposure to Food Flavorings Containing Diacetyl and Diacetyl Substitutes
Walking/Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems
Hazard Communication
Standards Improvement Project (SIP III)
Combustible Dust and I2P2
Reporting and Recording Requirements
Handling Procedures for Retaliation Complaints
Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories Fee Schedule - Revised Approach

View a complete list.

During the web chat, OSHA fielded questions and provided specifics on several standards, including:
Bloodborne Pathogens
Currently under "look back review". Public comments are available at, and OSHA will publish the look back after they review the comments.
Combustible Dust
The SBREFA panel review may take place in December 2011.
Electric Power
Final rule will be published September 2011.
Hazard Communication
The final rule, which will align the HC rule with the GHS, will be issued in September 2011.

Meanwhile, there are no set dates yet for the publication of proposed rules for the Injury and Illness Prevention Program and for the diacetyl standard.

View additional comments.
OSHA Shame Strategies
Agency issuing more citations to embarrass organizations.

Speaking at the National Occupational Research Agenda Symposium 2011, Assistant OSHA Administrator Jordan Barab said that OSHA has been issuing “willful penalties” to shame organizations into improving workplace safety.

Under several state and municipal laws, organizations cannot apply for a contract if they have a record of such willful violations.

OSHA's “shame strategy” also includes publishing press releases about penalties on the agency website. According to Barab, they have been quite effective. Organizations have been consulting lawyers, among others, to help them stay out of OSHA's press releases.
Get Safety Going
The human side of safety.

During STOP™ For Each Other training, participants discover how important it is to observe for safe and unsafe conditions. After practicing looking for unsafe conditions and how to address them, it's time for participants to move to a new level in safety awareness – thinking about the causes of safe and unsafe conditions and the most effective methods for addressing them.

Identifying safe and unsafe conditions is the first step in seeing safety. But conditions are just part of the story. There's an even more important side to safety – the human side. In fact people, not conditions, are the most critical part of safety.

As participants start to look at safe and unsafe conditions, it can be tempting to try to identify the people who created or contributed to an unsafe condition and put the blame on them. But that isn't how STOP™ For Each Other works. STOP™ For Each Other is about forming safety partnerships in which every person in the organization works together to create a safe workplace.

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Taken from STOP™ For Each Other Unit 3

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Solis Speaks Out On Heat-Wave Safety
Offers several tips and reminders.

As temperatures soar into record highs, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis issued a statement reminding employers and employees of the risk of heat-related illnesses.

She urged employers to:
  • Have a work site plan to prevent heat-related illnesses and make sure that medical services are available to respond to an emergency should one occur.
  • Provide plenty of water at the job site and remind workers to drink small amounts of water frequently – every 15 minutes.
  • Schedule rest breaks throughout the work shift and provide shaded or air conditioned rest areas near the work site.
  • Let new workers get used to the extreme heat, gradually increasing the work load over a week.
  • When possible, schedule heavy tasks for earlier in the day.
Visit OSHA's Water.Rest.Shade. page to get more safety tips.

Enforcement Campaigns Can Reduce Distracted Driving
NHTSA publishes results of anti-distracted driving program.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a report on two anti-distracted campaigns, one in Syracuse, New York, and the other in Hartford, Connecticut.

The campaigns, which featured increased law enforcement and high-profile public education have been shown to cut distracted driving. Each city campaign had a funding of $200,000 from the federal government and $100,000 from the state.

Apart from information drives, four waves of enforcement took place in each city. Syracuse police delivered 9,587 distracted-driving violations while their Hartford counterparts issued 9,658. Because of the presence of law-enforcement personnel, both cities saw a 33 percent and 57 percent drop in distracted driving, respectively.

NHTSA Administrator David Strickland commented on the success of the programs, saying that "combining strong laws with strong enforcement can bring about a sea change in public attitudes and behavior." NHTSA is planning to implement the campaigns state-wide.

View the NHSTA press release.

Download the report for free.

Meanwhile, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) released a report, Distracted Driving: What Research Shows and What States Can Do
  • Leveraging effective, low-cost roadway countermeasures such as edgeline and centerline rumble strips, which alert motorists when they are drifting out of their driving lane.
  • Monitoring the impact of existing hand-held cell phone bans prior to enacting new laws. States that have not already passed handheld bans should wait until more definitive research and data are available on these laws’ effectiveness.
The report also features the latest research and statistics on distracted driving and summarizes:
  • What distracted driving is
  • How often drivers are distracted,
  • How distraction impacts driver performance and crash risk,
  • What countermeasures may be most effective and
  • What states can do to reduce distracted driving.
Download the entire report for free.

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