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Pain Management: Finding Relief

Product Description

All accredited healthcare organizations were required to comply with Joint Commission pain management standards by January 2001. This important program will walk your staff through these standards while taking a look at how the standards enhance patient care.

  • Types of pain
  • Pain assessment
  • Analgesic and non-drug pain relief
  • Performance monitoring

Added features and benefits of DVD training include:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation – makes training site-specific; excellent for training different personnel and departments
  • Training points – outlines key learning points of your training; reinforces important safety points to your employees
  • Chapterized content – video-enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates classroom discussion; ideal for refresher training, specific training points, and navigating through the course
  • Expanded leader's guide – excellent resource to help plan and implement your presentation; a quiz is provided that can serve as a pre- and/or post-evaluative tool
  • Portable convenience – perfect for those who train and travel!

Nearly fifty percent of patients in healthcare facilities suffer pain needlessly - despite studies that at least 90 percent of patients with pain should experience relief. In this training program, your staff will learn about The Joint Commission standards on pain assessment and management. It also focuses on how these standards affect patient care.

Why Patients Suffer Pain

  • Barriers to Pain Management
  • Types of Pain

Pain Assessment

  • Pain Assessment Factors
  • Pain Management Care Plan

Pain Relief Interventions

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