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Personal Safety For Home Health Caregivers

Product Description

Physical violence, verbal or sexual abuse is a dangerous possibility for healthcare staff during home visits. Kind words and streets smarts are not enough to ensure their safety. Equip your home healthcare staff with the valuable information in, Personal Safety For Home Health Caregivers. This program teaches practical ways to defuse potentially violent situations and show your staff how to prepare for visits, set-up security measures and know assault-cycle awareness to prevent possible harm.

Added features and benefits of DVD training include:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation – makes training site-specific; excellent for training different personnel and departments
  • Training points – outlines key learning points of your training; reinforces important safety points to your employees
  • Chapterized content – video-enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates classroom discussion; ideal for refresher training, specific training points, and navigating through the course
  • Expanded leader's guide – excellent resource to help plan and implement your presentation; a quiz is provided that can serve as a pre- and/or post-evaluative tool
  • Portable convenience – perfect for those who train and travel!

This course will help home health caregivers protect themselves against violence and aggression on the job. The program covers OSHA??Ts Universal Precautions for Violence and includes specific steps workers must take to plan ahead and prepare for home visits. The program includes signs to recognize escalating confrontation and violence and shows step-by-step de-escalation procedures to prevent violence and aggressive incidents. It also discusses OSHA??Ts recordkeeping regulations and agency recording basics that follow an incident.

Preparation is Key

  • Steps to Take Before Visiting a Client
  • Use Street Smarts

Staying Safe on the Job

  • Dealing with Difficult Clients
  • De-escalating a Potentially Violent Situation
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping Incidents
  • Universal Precautions for Violence

To learn more about our interactive online courseware, visit our DuPont™ eLearning Suite homepage or schedule a free online demonstration.


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