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Pipe Welding: Introduction To Pipe Welding

Product Description

Pipe Welding: Introduction to Pipe Welding is part one of the Pipe Welding five-part training series.

The course describes the welding processes which are most commonly used in pipe welding and the metals with which the welder can expect to work. Some of the fundamental joints are also explained. Particular attention is paid to safety.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify the basic pipe materials
  • Describe three welding processes
  • List welding safety rules
  • Explain basic pipe welding joints.

Our DVDs are portable and easy-to-use. Training content is "chapterized," or organized by learning objectives to:

  • Help with course navigation
  • Enable training administrators to cover specific training points and conduct refresher training
  • Facilitate classroom discussion.
SKU: W40010

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