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Coastal Teaches the Fundamentals of Bloodborne Pathogens in Schools with New Training Program

Virginia Beach, VA – February 9, 2010Coastal Training Technologies announces the release of Bloodborne Pathogens In Schools: The Fundamentals, a new training program that explains how to stop the spread of bloodborne pathogens.

The program sets its discussion in a classroom and presents its subject in non-medical terms, making it more accessible to staff members who are not comfortable with medical jargon. 

Featuring a fictional though entertaining host, Professor Farnsworth, the training program identifies the three common bloodborne pathogens and discusses their symptoms. It then traces how these organisms spread and infect people in a variety of ways.

Bloodborne Pathogens In Schools: The Fundamentals covers three major infection-control tools: the Exposure Control Manual, Standard Precautions, and personal protective equipment. It trains school personnel to handle bleeding emergencies safely and shows them what to do if they are exposed to blood.

The program devotes a section to hand hygiene, covering CDC-recommended guidelines, step-by-step handwashing procedures and the proper use of antiseptic towelettes or alcohol-based sanitizers. It also discusses proper clean-up, good housekeeping, and personal hygiene.

The Bloodborne Pathogens In Schools: The Fundamentals training DVD can be previewed for FREE for 7 days. To order, just call 800-695-0756, fax 703-373-2864,
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