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Coastal Training Technologies Puts the Brakes on Aggressive Driving

Virginia Beach, VA June 12, 2009 — Coastal Training Technologies recently released Emotional Wreck, the third installment in its award-winning and best-selling driving safety training series. Emotional Wreck examines the deadly issue of aggressive driving, explains its causes and explores how it can be avoided.

Emotional Wreck takes uses a new method to tackle an old driving problem. It provides an in-your-face approach to unsettle drivers and shake them out of their complacency on the road. Illustrating five deadly mindsets that lead to aggression on the road – Obliviousness, Selfishness, Impatience, Competitiveness and Road Rage – the program brings to life how emotions take control and steer drivers into a making bad decisions that may create a domino effect on the road and lead to tragedy.

Emotional Wreck realistically re-enacts each of the five main characters’ driving scenarios, from actual behavior and dialogue to road conditions, featuring a narrator who rides shotgun and gleefully gets into the drivers’ heads. He turns their emotions against them and goads them to swerve, speed, scream, bully or tailgate their way to disaster.

This training program goes beyond conventional driver training, departs from the lecture-based approaches and delves into driver psychology. It allows audiences to examine their behavior, get a grip on their emotions and make the necessary and vital changes in mindset and attitude to keep them safe on the road.

Emotional Wreck is the third program in Coastal’s series of driving safety training programs, the first two being Driven To Distraction and Before You Turn the Key.

Emotional Wreck is available on DVD. Free 7-day preview and full-length online preview are available. Call 800-613-8193 or visit

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