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Drop by Drop Gets A Perfect Review

Virginia Beach, Va. – Coastal's best-selling micro-inequities program, Drop by Drop, earned a perfect, four-star review in Training Media Review (TMR). Read the full review via this link.

Kim Neubauer, M.S., the reviewer, called Drop by Drop "a welcome addition to the diversity trainer's toolbox." A TMR Best Product for 2009, the program "goes beyond most diversity programs" and "provides a constructive means to notice and eliminate destructive forces in the workplace."

Neubauer is an International Training and Development Consultant and Co-President of the Delaware Valley Association for Psychological Type.

Drop by Drop helps companies address the pernicious, if not much-neglected issue of micro-inequities. These are the small slights, subtle jokes, offhand comments and casual remarks that harass in barely perceptible yet fully devastating ways. They damage relationships, lower productivity, increase job dissatisfaction and turnover and ultimately hurt the bottom line.
Drop by Drop provides examples of micro-inequities involving age, ethnicity, race and even physical appearance. Its effectiveness lies in its innovative, in-your-face format. The program personifies the problem in a narrator who illustrates the psychological processes behind discriminatory comments. Cocky, confident and nurturing a relish for discrimination, he walks viewers through common office scenarios to explain how bias easily turns to prejudice – often without the perpetrator's awareness!
Drop by Drop shows how the most innocent of gestures, words, body language, and even the tone of a voice can be tarnished with malice and discrimination. By shedding light on the subtlety of micro-inequities and their impact, the program raises employees' awareness of and sensitivity to their biases. It challenges a laid-back approach to diversity and provides three basic principles to cultivate a more respectful, inclusive and harmonious workplace.

A DuPont company, Coastal Training Technologies is one of the world's leading publishers of safety, industrial skills and employee development training programs. Since 1984, more than 200,000 training professionals have relied on Coastal's award-winning products to enrich the lives of more than 30 million employees worldwide.

Training Media Review has reviewed corporate training content and technology since 1993. Its reviewers are experienced and are themselves trainers and consultants.

The Drop by Drop DVD is now available for a FREE 7-day preview. Call 800-767-7703 or visit A purchase gives buyers a 46-page Leader's Guide, PowerPoint slides for site-specific training, and 10 employee handbooks. It also comes with materials to facilitate interactive training sessions.

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