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DuPont™ STOP®

Offshore Energry Center Hall of Fame The award inscription: OFFSHORE ENERGY CENTER, Technology Hall of Fame, Health Safety & the Environment, The Safety Training Observation Program.

DuPont™ STOP® (Safety Training Observation Program) was recently inducted into the Offshore Energy Center (OEC) Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Houston, Texas (U.S.).

"It is an honor for DuPont and STOP® to be recognized in this way," said Jim Weigand president,DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS). "STOP® has evolved into a portfolio of programs since its inception over 40 years ago. These programs have been used by DuPont and thousands of other companies and government organizations worldwide, helping prevent injuries and loss of life while providing real dollars-and-cents savings."

STOP® was developed by five DuPont plant sites in the mid-1960s and used across the corporation to train supervisors in DuPont safety auditing practices. When DuPont released the STOP® program commercially in 1986, Conoco, then a DuPont subsidiary, implemented the program in the oil field. Employees, vendors and contractors were required to use it for training. This broad participation, along with the STOP® three-pronged approach of individual study, practical application and group discussion, enabled Conoco to improve safety performance and show significant reduction in unsafe practices, non-lost-time, and lost-time incidents. It was easily adopted throughout the oil field, spreading from the Gulf of Mexico to the North Sea and the Middle East.

"The STOP® program has significantly contributed to improving worker safety at our plants and helping us achieve the goal of zero injuries," said Dean Thompson, site manager, LaPorte, Texas. "A worker's attitude is a critical component in any safety program, and STOP® helps shape the culture at a site to increase accountability for yourself and co-workers and build to a safe work environment."

Located in Houston, the OEC was founded in 1989 to expand awareness of offshore energy resources and chronicle the heritage and accomplishments of the industry. It sponsors the Offshore Pioneers Hall of Fame, which recognizes individual and technological achievements of the offshore energy industry.