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DuPont Sustainable Solutions Launches Disruptive Behavior Program For Healthcare Facilities

Virginia Beach, VA, October 19, 2010 – DuPont Sustainable Solutions has released Disruptive Behavior: Too Great A Cost, a DVD training program to help healthcare employees identify and prevent disruptive behavior, such as yelling at co-workers, being condescending and rolling eyes, which can interfere with the care of patients or the effective operation of a healthcare facility. Disruptive behavior has become a problem impacting morale, productivity, patient satisfaction and patient safety.

In 2008, The Joint Commission issued a Sentinel Event Alert, outlining standards on how healthcare leadership must respond. In an eye-opening survey published in The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, almost 80 percent of respondents said they had witnessed disruptive physician behavior. A survey by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices found that 40 percent of clinicians have kept quiet or remained passive about patient care events rather than question a known intimidator.

Disruptive Behavior: Too Great A Cost defines disruptive behavior, providing examples and differentiating the subtle forms from obvious manifestations. It also explores the complex causes and identifies the perpetrators, taking particular notice of “horizontal violence,” the bullying of co-workers on the same level in the workplace hierarchy. This occurs when someone criticizes a co-worker in front of patients or other staff.

The program points out the impact of disruptive behavior on employee health, morale, performance, turnover, an organization’s reputation, communication, teamwork and patient safety. Stressing the importance of taking action and exhorting viewers to address the problem, the program provides guidelines on how organizations and their employees can respond.

Disruptive Behavior: Too Great A Cost shows what healthcare management can do, from instituting codes of conduct to taking a “zero tolerance” approach. This training DVD also conveys the value of employee development on communication, conflict resolution, and healthcare service etiquette. Through everyday applications, the program shows how healthcare workers can create a supportive environment that can neutralize disruptive behavior and cites tips on confronting and conversing with a disruptive person.

The Training Solutions practice area of DuPont Sustainable Solutions offers blended learning solutions that integrate e-learning technologies, instructor-led courses and traditional media. For more information about Disruptive Behavior: Too Great A Cost or for a free no-obligation 7-day previewcall 800-729-4325, visit or email

DuPont Sustainable Solutions is one of the world’s leading publishers of safety, ethics and compliance, industrial skills and employee development training programs for healthcare, education, business, industry and government. Since 1984, more than 200,000 training professionals have relied on DuPont’s award-winning products to enrich the lives of employees worldwide.

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