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DuPont Sustainable Solutions Releases Four Generations: The Greatest Potential

Wilmington, DL, November, 2010 – DuPont Sustainable Solutions recently released Four Generations: The Greatest Potential, a new program that explores how organizations can improve inter-generational relationships in the workplace.

The program profiles four generations – the traditionalist, the baby boomer, the generation X’er, and the generation Y’er – and cites general trends on their attitudes, mindsets, and values. By laying out these differences, the program aims to reduce potential conflicts and communication problems, and thus cultivate respect and better understanding between and among generations. 
The program uses several scenarios to show how inter-generational differences are played out in the workplace. One dramatizes a conflict of values as two colleagues heatedly discuss to whom they should assign a big, lucrative account. On the one hand is Stuart, a baby boomer who values Bob’s loyalty to the company, his responsibility, and his solid numbers. On the other is Glenda, a Generation X’er who prefers Jenny’s creativity, street smarts, “through-the-roof” figures, and results-driven mindset.

In other re-enactments, Glenda the Generation X’er and Jenny the Generation Y’er illustrate the differences in communication styles; Ted the traditionalist takes Glenda’s incessant questioning as disrespectful; and Stuart the baby boomer fails to grasp and disapproves of why an intern applicant inquires about career development, job benefits, and the portability of those perks.
Four Generations: The Greatest Potential steps back to examine each of these situations. A host-narrator explains the dynamics involved and how they generate misunderstandings and heated discussions. The program ends as the four generations’ representatives come to a better understanding of one other and resolve their earlier differences. 

By helping organizations bridge the generation gap at work, Four Generations: The Greatest Potential helps them enhance teamwork, boost productivity, and create a more respectful working environment.

A good addition to a diversity training program, Four Generations: The Greatest Potential is available on DVD. Interested parties can preview the program online, or call 877-262-7825 to get a FREE 7-day DVD preview or find out more about the program.

To get more information on Four Generations: The Greatest Potential or receive a FREE 7-day preview call 800-767-7703, fax 757-306-2533, e-mail or visit

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