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DuPont Sustainable Solutions Releases New ADA Program

Virginia Beach, Virginia – February 2009 – DuPont Sustainable Solutions has recently launched Understanding the New ADA, a new and timely program that helps organizations comply with the ADA Amendments Act of 2008. It reviews ADA basics, surveys the major changes and cites tips to restructure policies, address employee needs and boost compliance efforts.

The New ADA broadens the definition of disability after it has been narrowed significantly over the years. Understanding the New ADA provides a comprehensive list of “major life activities,” discusses exceptions and clarifies special cases, such as a recurring or episodic disease. The program also explains the nature of perception of harassment and/or discrimination under the new ADA.

Understanding the New ADA shows organizations general guidelines on making Reasonable Accommodations, suggests tips to figure out specific arrangements and advises recordkeeping and documentation. It also elaborates on ADA-compliant hiring procedures, including those for the interview: basic dos and don'ts and the vital distinction between essential and non-essential job functions.

Understanding the New ADA is an accessible and straightforward guide to the ADA Amendments Act. It focuses less on complex technicalities than on must-know compliance procedures to help organizations stay updated, avoid lawsuits and provide a fair and just environment for every employee.

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