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Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right

What Would You Do When Faced with a Moral Dilemma?

Virginia Beach, VA – January 2009 — CoastalAMI has recently released its latest corporate ethics program, Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right which trains employees to respond to common yet complex dilemmas at work. This program presents the Code of Conduct, a set of solid standards to resolve a conflict of values and a clash of interests. Employees in these situations are shown how to generate win-win solutions and avoid compromising regulations.

To illustrate the Code's efficacy, the program re-enacts ethical quagmires that employees can and do face daily, including the illegal use of company resources, record tampering, anti-trust practices and the disclosure of confidential information. Employees then see how the Code can help them respond to these situations morally and legally. Through its guidelines, they can spot the subtleties, see the nuances and weigh the sides of any situation. The program thus increases confidence and courage in handling tough moral situations.

Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right broadens employees’ outlook, helping them situate their decisions in a wider context of legal issues, company image and organizational bottom line. It introduces the scope of several federal guidelines: Sarbanes Oxley, FSGO (Federal Sentencing Guidelines Organization), FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The program helps organizations comply with these laws and trains employees to avoid disreputable behavior, protect company reputation and prevent devastating lawsuits.

Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right is a timely and much needed intervention. The corporate world presents situations that often have no black-or-white answers and clear-cut solutions. This tricky, gray-area terrain triggers a range of moral responses, from helpless confusion to outright relativism. Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right stems such a proliferation. With the Code of Conduct, it supplies a standard rigid enough to streamline decision-making, yet flexible enough to be applied in a variety of contexts.

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