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Process Safety Management
Integrated Solutions

DuPont Process Safety Management integrated solutions include a comprehensive learning and development curriculum that helps mitigate the risk of catastrophic failure by building awareness and developing skill-level capability around process safety. The curriculum combines blended learning activities to form a structured learning experience based on DuPont real-world knowledge and is based on your organization specific needs.

Process Safety Management Integrated Solutions
  • Curriculum
  • Workshops
  • eLearning Courses
process safety management training curriculum

The ten module Process Safety Management curriculum includes an e-learning series and instructor-led courses. Combined with on-the-job coaching, practical application and performance management, this curriculum can help develop skills to avoid process related hazards.

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psm training workshops

This interactive one-day workshop provides an overview of PSM and how it forms one of the foundations for operational excellence. It discusses the business case for PSM and highlights the challenges many organizations face in its implementation within the broader operational excellence managing system. Attendees will have the opportunity to share and learn practical best practices from their peers.

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process safety management eLearning courses

Use these e-learning courses to help build and sustain foundational knowledge and skills within the area of process safety. They can help increase operational safety, while also improving productivity, cost efficiency and quality.

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Managing Operational Risks by Accelerating Employee Skills Development

Key factors such as an aging workforce, a retirement boom in developed markets, a lack of skilled workers in emerging markets and an increasing reliance on contractors have contributed to a significant increase in operational risks. While most companies understand the need for a robust learning and development program to build organizational capability and mitigate these risks, many lack a well-defined method for transferring knowledge and developing the required skills.

At heart, process safety management is about recognizing hazards and the associated risks. As such, it is critical that companies develop a risk matrix appropriate to the nature of risks, and then build awareness across the organization through structured on-the-job learning. This is best done using practical tools and examples that employees can relate to on a day-to-day basis, while concurrently developing a thorough understanding of hazards, equipment and process design. Process safety principles and systems not only help manage risks. They can effectively increase the safety of your operation while also improving productivity, cost efficiency and quality.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions has developed a systematic learning approach that, when combined with strong managing systems and operational discipline, help companies protect value and prevent potential major process related incidents. Our experts can assess the specific learning and development needs of your organization, design a tailored curriculum using blended learning tools, develop a pool of talent for process management, and identify metrics to evaluate effectiveness of the learning program.

Our consultants help companies move beyond simple training, creating a learning experience that maximizes knowledge acquisition and retention.

The DuPont Process Safety Management training curriculum can accelerate knowledge transfer and skills development to:

  • Help organizations overcome the loss of PSM know-how due to talent attrition from an aging workforce
  • Help build PSM capability among a new workforce who adapts more easily to a blended learning format consisting of e-learning and problem-based facilitator-led training
  • Mitigate the risk of potential catastrophic process safety incidents.

The Value of Real-World Experience

Based on over 30 years of experience of managing hazardous substances in our own facilities, our expert consultants have a thorough understanding of the means through which a process safety management system can be built, and sustained. Furthermore, our work with clients across a range of industries – from petrochemicals and fertilizers to mining and metals processing – has demonstrated the depth and adaptability of our solutions.

Based on this vast operational experience, we have refined our models and methodologies in ways that can be replicated, put into practice, tested and fine-tuned for almost any situation or industry. Our approach to managing operational risk and preventing process-related injuries and incidents addresses both the cultural and technical aspects of your organization.

Our experts have a proven ability to customize solutions to help your company prevent major process-related disaster incidents, while also preserving business continuity, capitalization, right to operation, and – most importantly – to protect precious lives.