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Process Safety Management Learning & Development Design

The design of a PSM curriculum for your company will be based on identification of learning and development needs. This takes into account critical functions and roles and current level of skill, capability and capacity, and mapping it to project future needs. Factors such as the skill maturity period to develop a particular competency and expected attrition will be integrated into the PSM learning and development roadmap.

DuPont can provide support across all PSM modules or selected modules as determined by your organization. For example, if an organization chooses to work on the incident investigation module, it would entail the following:

  • Identifying critical functions and roles requiring awareness, knowledge, skill and subject matter expertise in incident investigation.
  • Developing an incident investigation learning and development curriculum.
  • Using DuPont blended learning activities including e-learning, instructor-facilitated training and coaching on investigating real incidents.
  • Assessing and qualifying individuals using a skill matrix.
  • Establishing performance metrics for evaluating effectiveness of learning and development for incident investigation.

process safety management plan – learning & development design

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