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Safety Workshops

For more than 30 years, DuPont has been helping clients protect their people, facilities and operations by implementing processes and systems that enable sustainable cultural improvements, developed through 200 years of DuPont safety and operational experience.

The knowledge we've gained from solving some of the world's most complex safety challenges, including our own, is available to you in a portfolio of workplace safety training workshops.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions' programs and blended learning solutions are recognized around the world for their ability to significantly enhance your entire organization's knowledge about safety and how to make it an integral part of your employees' lives, both on the job and off. These workshops make world-class workplace safety practices available to all companies, regardless of their size or budget.

See for yourself how DuPont is helping to provide people with the safest workplace possible with these safety workshops

Elevating Your Safety Culture

This one-day workshop provides an in-depth look at DuPont proven safety methods, best practices, and learning and development solutions which help develop a strong safety culture. The workshop also covers how to align your learning and development strategies with your business objectives. Providing relevant training that suits your employees’ needs, your organizational culture and your business goals helps increase safety awareness and improve safety culture. This workshop is aimed at senior executives and decision makers who have a leading role in driving their organizations to safety excellence and achieving sustainable growth.
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Executive Leadership Workshop

This customized workshop focuses on management systems that have enabled DuPont to maintain a strong safety leadership position for decades. It is designed to help leadership align its safety vision, energize commitment and involvement, and set the stage for rolling out an effective safety improvement effort. A DuPont senior safety consultant will conduct the Executive Leadership Workshop at the client’s designated facilities.
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Managing Safety: Systems That Work For Operations Managers

This two-day workshop shows managers how to integrate safety management into their overall management program. It introduces the DuPont system for managing safety throughout an organization and examines the role that managers should play in motivating and leading their organization to improved safety awareness and performance.
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Managing Safety: Techniques That Work For Line Supervisors

This two-day workshop is designed to help line supervisors improve safety management skills and encourage employee participation in safety. It is based in the belief that safety is a line responsibility and includes special emphasis on safety observation skills.
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Seeing Safety: Experience DuPont™ STOP®

Discover how STOP® can get your employees "seeing safety" in your workplace. Just as an architect "sees design" in any building he enters, your employees can always "see safety" once they learn to continuously observe for safety - looking for safe and unsafe conditions. This one-day workshop outlines why the STOP® principles work, how the program is structured and how it can be rolled out in your workplace.
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STOP® Implementation Assistance Workshops

This intensive day and a half train-the-trainer workshop prepares leaders to implement the STOP® program at their workplace. It is typically provided before your organization begins STOP® training and helps build a strong foundation for a STOP® rollout across the organization. The workshop covers STOP® objectives, techniques and observation practices as well as the most effective ways to implement these programs at individual sites.
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