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Management of Change – Personnel (MOC-P)

moc management of change

Course Overview

The goal of this course is to provide an understanding of the requirements for and techniques to successfully manage the Management of Change – Personnel (MOC-P) process. The emphasis will be on organizational change complexity. MOC-P is a system within the process safety management system. Participants will explore how when changes occur in one element of the system, reciprocal changes may happen in other parts of the system.


The Management of Change – Personnel course is designed for operations, safety, human resources and maintenance managers; technical, operations and maintenance engineers; Management of Change – Personnel (MOC-P) element leaders and team members; and site process safety management (PSM) committee leaders and team members. The participants and facilitator need to be familiar with supervisor and leader responsibilities, human resources and chemical and engineering supply-chain processes.

Learning Objectives

In order to accelerate skill development, this course features a problem-based learning approach that provides a collaborative job-focused experience. Participants will get a better understanding of the planning and application of an MOC-P strategy, see the value for performing an MOC-P in maintaining PSM competencies, demonstrate MOC-P competency requirements to a novel organizational change event, identify novel solutions brought about by personnel changes, and collaboratively build a personal compilation of recommendations to apply on the job.

Length: 2-day course

  • PSM 101: PSM Overview
  • Prior exposure to operations, maintenance, projects

Module 1:

An Introduction to MOC-P: Supporting All Elements of the PSM System
This module introduces the course objectives and shows why MOC-P is important to the PSM System.

Module 2:

Leading and Lagging Indicator’s Impact on PSM Competencies
Participants will examine the catalysts forMOC-P changes and the impact on PSMrequirements.

Module 3:

Identifying PSM Competencies Using a Job Task Analysis (JTA)
In this module, participants will see howa Job Task Analysis is used to identifycritical competencies.

Module 4:

Succession Planning
Participants will identify significant PSM changes that may occur to site operations, support functions, organizational structures or regulatory requirements. They will then conduct a review of the potential impact on PSM because of these changes.

Module 5:

MOC-P Metrics
This module will review metrics like cost, reputation, schedule and quality enhancements, and how they can be used to measure value.

Based on our experience, we recommend that companies do the following on an organizational level:

moc management of change diagram

Results and Path Forward

After completing this course, participants should compile a list of action items based on their learning to apply back on the job. This starts with writing new or upgrading existing MOC-P procedures. To build competency at the individual level, the participant should identify a coach, apply the updated MOC-P procedure to select changes in personnel in their area, and get assessed on the competency requirements for applying MOC-P.

It is recommended that participants go through an e-learning refresher course once a year and instructor-led refresher training once every three years.

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