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Ready To Work On The Waterfront: Every Choice Counts

Product Description

Having a waterfront job is backbreaking work. Literally. All that heavy lifting can take its toll, and it's only right to give your workers some sturdy back-up. Show them how to avoid back injuries. Explain how they occur and give them practical preventive measures. This course is part of an eight-program series – On The Waterfront: Every Choice Counts – that meets OSHA standards and leads your workers toward health and safety.

  • How to achieve overall fitness
  • Causes and consequences of common workplace injuries
  • Protecting the back with proper lifting techniques

Added features and benefits of DVD training include:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Informative training points and bonus material for refresher or training talks
  • Video-enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates discussion
  • A printable Leader's Guide
  • Resourceful web links to organizations such as OSHA, FEMA, NSC and the CDC, where viewers can download and print information on regulatory standards.
This course informs workers on the waterfront about how to be fit on the job and how to identify back injuries, their consequences and common causes. This program also covers the basics of injury prevention and how to work smarter and make safety the first choice.

Staying Safe on the Waterfront

  • Be Prepared
  • Causes of Back Injuries
  • Back Injury Prevention

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