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Building CapabilitySoft Skills Training
By Bill Anderson, Human Resources, Product Manager, Learning & Development

High-growth organizations understand they must invest in and maximize the "human capital" of their workforce just as they do the physical assets. Discover the importance of soft skills and how to develop six critical ones within your employees.


Building CapabilityBuilding Capability
By Sam Ponzo, Global Practice Leader, Learning & Development
Matt Shallow, Senior Consultant, Learning & Development

Learning is just one important component in the quest to increase corporate productivity, efficiency, profit and safety. The learning process should be a holistic one.


Reliability – The Key to SafetyReliability – The Key to Safety?
By Emile Husson, Maintenance and Reliability Product Manager, Learning and Development

There are a lot of good arguments for having a dedicated reliability program in your organization. Reduced down time, more consistent quality output, and greater control over maintenance costs are just a few. When used consistently, even the most basic reliability strategies can show marked improvements in all of these areas.


Accelerating Skills Development: The DuPont ApproachAccelerating Skills Development: The DuPont Approach
By Sam Ponzo, Global Practice Leader, Learning & Development

What’s the most effective way to help people learn? Read how DuPont applies blended learning to help workers acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities required to deliver business results.


Combine Streaming VideoCombine Streaming Video with Hands-On Demos for Blended Learning
By Steve Zuckerman, Software Products Manager, Learning & Development

Video-based content helps to motivate and engage learners, and focus their attention on critical learning objectives. Read about this trend in training development.


Considering Culture in Instructional DesignConsidering Culture in Instructional Design
By Dr. George Haber, Global Leader for Instructional Design, Learning & Development

This article examines the problems inherent with the hasty, inappropriate and unplanned application of technology for learning and development issues. Learn about building a culture of effective employee development.


The Strategic Potential of Compliance TrainingThe Strategic Potential of Compliance Training
By David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group

Compliance training is often an employee’s first encounter with the organization’s learning management system. A strategic approach to compliance training can help ensure compliance requirements are met.