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Safe Winter Driving

Product Description

Winter driving presents special driving hazards. This program reviews special safety techniques to help employees overcome winter driving hazards. Keep your workers safe on the road this winter.

  • Basic emergency equipment
  • Rain, snow and ice
  • The skid
  • Stopped and stranded

Added features and benefits of DVD training include:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Informative training points and bonus material for refresher or training talks
  • Video-enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates discussion
  • A printable Leader's Guide
  • Resourceful web links to organizations such as OSHA, FEMA, NSC and the CDC, where viewers can download and print information on regulatory standards.

Every 11 minutes someone in the U.S. dies in a vehicle accident, but when driving in the winter, th risk is 10 times greater. Help employees minimize their risk by recognizing winter hazards.

While the number of pages varies, most handbooks are 16 pages in length and include a tear-out quiz.

Handbooks must be purchased in packs of 10. When ordering, enter the number of packs you would like to purchase. For example, if you would like to order 50 handbooks, enter "5" in the quantity field.

Quantity discounts are available for orders of 10 or more packs. Call 1-877-262-7825 for more information.

Watch out for your workers' safety with this course, which trains them to avoid winter driving-related incidents. Prepare them for various hazards with this online course that illustrates special safety techniques for winter hazards.


  • Overview and Objectives

Preparing Yourself and the Vehicle

  • Fitness, Auto Checklist and Emergency Kit
  • Starting the Engine and Dead Battery

Driving Safely in Hazardous Winter Conditions

  • Poor Visibility, Rain and Skidding
  • Snow, Ice and Stranded Vehicle

To learn more about our interactive online courseware, visit our DuPont™ eLearning Suite homepage or schedule a free online demonstration.


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