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Fax Policy

Do Not Fax Policy Statement

It is the policy of Coastal Training Technologies Corp. ("Coastal") to prevent facsimile transmission to recipients who have asked not to be contacted by or on behalf of Coastal. Coastal occasionally contacts customers by facsimile to extend marketing offers or to deliver important information about Coastal products and services. Coastal customers who do not wish to receive such offers via facsimile can request to be added to the Coastal Do Not Fax list and have their names and facsimile numbers suppressed from those that Coastal selects to transmit facsimiles for marketing purposes.

When Coastal receives a do-not-fax request from an individual, it immediately adds that recipient’s fax number to its Do Not Fax list. Coastal regularly updates this list and ensures that no facsimile calls are initiated to a fax number which has been added to its list as soon as possible, but in no event greater than thirty (30) days from the date of the request.

Once an individual’s name is added to the Coastal Do Not Fax list, he or she will not be contacted by Coastal or its representatives by facsimile for marketing purposes. Coastal’s customers may still be contacted for non-sales purposes, such as customer service or billing issues relating to their Coastal account.

The following two methods are available for placing a do not fax request with Coastal:

  1. Customer Service: A Coastal customer may contact Coastal by telephone to place a do not fax request.
  2. Toll-Free removal line: A customer may place a do not fax request by calling Coastal’s toll-free removal number (800-824-3550) which is included on all Coastal faxes. Coastal does not accept third party requests to be placed on its Do Not Fax list.

Coastal scrubs all names and phone numbers against its Do Not Fax list prior to sending lead files to vendors. The vendors are also required to do an additional back up suppression as a fail safety to the internal suppression process at Coastal.

Please keep in mind that it is possible in some instances for recipients to be contacted by Coastal while the do not fax request is being processed as Coastal prepares promotions well in advance of the actual fax campaign.