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The Consultant: Just In Time Information - Program 1, Personal Issues

Product Description

Stay on top common employee problems with this course, which will train managers to deal with employees who make too many personal calls, take drugs, have poor hygiene and attitude, or spend more time socializing than working, etc.

Personal Calls

  • Employee Makes/Takes Too Many Personal Calls
  • Dealing with Too Many Personal Calls

Inappropriate Dress

  • Employee Who Dresses Inappropriately
  • Dealing with Inappropriate Dress

Substance Abuse

  • Employee Who's Suspected of Substance Abuse
  • Dealing with Suspected Substance Abuse

Poor Attitude

  • Employee with a Poor Attitude
  • Dealing with a Poor Attitude

Personal Problems

  • Personal Problems that Affect Work
  • Dealing with Personal Problems that Affect Work

Hygiene Problems

  • Employee with Hygiene Problems
  • Dealing with Hygiene Problems

Socializing Instead of Working

  • Employee Who Socializes Instead of Working
  • Dealing with Too Much Socializing

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