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The Consultant: Just In Time Information - Program 3, Conflict Management

Product Description

Ease the tension, smooth out relations, and defuse volatile situations at work. This course trains your managers to deal with different types of employees - fairly and skillfully. Show them dos and don'ts and give them a velvet touch in handling tricky, delicate situations, so that your organization will be protected from unresolved and potentially destructive conflicts.

Employee Who's Too Aggressive

  • Aggressive Employee
  • Manage the Aggressive Behavior

Employee Complains to Others, Not to the Manager

  • Complainer
  • Manage the Complaining Employee

Dealing With and Solving Conflict

  • Disruptive Conflict
  • Solving the Conflict

Employee Who Engages in Harmful Gossip

  • Gossiper
  • Dealing with the Gossiper

Dealing with Anger at Lower-than-Expected Raise

  • Angry Employee
  • Dealing with the Disappointed Employee

Employee Who Doesn't Interact Well with Others

  • Employee Doesn't Relate Well to Others
  • Help Employee Improve People Skills

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