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The Consultant: Just In Time Information - Program 4, Performance Management

Product Description

Raise the level of your employees' game and increase productivity with this course. Train your managers to overcome performance-related problems and equip them with the right tools - from listening techniques to empowerment so that they can step up, discard unproductive habits and tap their hidden potentials.

Managing Dependability, Motivation and Change

  • Employee Who's Frequently Absent
  • Employee Who's Consistently Late for Work
  • Employee Who's Unavailable to Work Extra Hours
  • Employee Who Needs Motivation
  • Employee Who's Not Assertive Enough
  • Communicating Workplace Changes
  • Employee Who Resists Change

Managing Job Knowledge and Execution

  • Employee Who Lacks Necessary Job Skills
  • Employee Who Makes Repeated Mistakes
  • Employee Expected to Perform Beyond Skill Level
  • Employee Who Doesn't Understand What's Expected
  • Possible Causes for Low Productivity

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