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The Goal: The How-To Version

Product Description

Like the outstanding and best-selling business book upon which it is based, The Goal shares the inspiring story of Alex Rogo, who used principles like 'bottlenecks,' 'throughput,' and the 'theory of constraints' to transform his mediocre division into a money-making machine. Alex and his team reject common ‘nonsense' measurements and discover a commonsense, yet more effective approach to boosting the company's bottom line. If you're tasked to meet organizational goals, this program can put you well over the mark. An engaging how-to drama, it not only demystifies corporate buzzwords like ‘standards' and ‘benchmarking' but also shows how to run your company with efficiency and humanity. The Goal is based on Eli Goldratt's book.


  • Overview and Objectives

Achieving the Goal

  • Establish Measurements
  • Uncover Answers
  • Ongoing Improvement

Continuous Improvement

  • Identify the Bottleneck
  • Exploit the Bottleneck
  • Subordinate to the Bottleneck
  • Elevate the Bottleneck
  • Re-Evaluate the Process

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