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The Newcomers

Product Description

This riveting program follows five employees as they go through a busy day at work. Viewers then keep track of safety no-no's, watch the consequences and get shocked by the sobering twist at the end!

The Newcomers gives employees an eye-opening look at hazard recognition.

Teach your employees:

  • To ask questions about the job
  • That simple tasks can carry deadly risks
  • That their actions may affect others
  • The importance of looking out for their fellow workers.

Added features and benefits of DVD training include:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Informative training points and bonus material for refresher or training talks
  • Video-enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates discussion
  • A printable Leader's Guide
  • Resourceful web links to organizations such as OSHA, FEMA, NSC and the CDC, where viewers can download and print information on regulatory standards.

Give your employees a look at workplace safety through the eyes of new-to-the-job workers. As they watch the program, they must spot the hazards the five main characters miss to help sharpen their eye for safety!

The Newcomers as Work

  • The Newcomer's Day
  • Reviewing the Hazards

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