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Reinforce your message with supporting training handbooks and posters.

For more than 25 years, trainers around the world have relied on DuPont Sustainable Solutions' award-winning, compelling training materials to help save lives, empower employees and improve the workplace. Our off-the-shelf library features hundreds of training DVDs, handbooks and posters to help your organization achieve your unique objectives.

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Training DVDs   Training DVDs   Training DVDs
HazCom: In Sync With GHS

Share important information on the new standardized process of communicating chemical hazards with this workplace safety training program.

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Harassment: A New Look (industrial version)

Update your training and educate your employees on the new forms of harassment: workplace bullying, third-party harassment, digital harassment, etc.

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Maintenance Principles

This course shows workers how solid maintenance principles can be used to reduce the influence of defects that come from 5 sources: workmanship, operation, materials, design and failure events.

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Training Handbooks Training Handbooks Training Handbooks
First Aid: Prepared To Help

Help employees keep their cool and respond swiftly to workplace accidents with the first-aid tips and emergency response principles shared in this best-selling handbook.

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Drop By Drop

This important handbook alerts employees to "micro-inequities," or the small slights, subtle discriminations and tiny injustices that can undermine workplace morale and productivity.

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Lockout/Tagout: Lightning In A Bottle

This handbook helps employees "bottle up" uncontrolled energy with proper lockout/tagout procedures.

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Training Posters Training Posters Training Posters

Reminds employees of proper handwashing techniques and how this simple health practice can help reduce the spread of illness.

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Back Protection: Defending Your Safety Zone

Helps reduce the number of daily, all-too-common back injuries by reminding employees to work within their safety zones.

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Employee Rights

This 6-in-1 poster incorporates essential information on EEOC, Minimum Wage, Polygraph Act, Job Safety, Family and Medical Leave Act, and the ADA.

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Training DVDs | DuPont Sustainable Solutions

DuPont Sustainable Solutions features a collection of training DVDs, training handbooks and training posters designed to aid in your employee development. Trainers around the world have relied on DuPont Sustainable Solutions for more than 25 years to deliver award-winning, compelling training materials. These training and development tools help save lives, empower employees, improve the workplace and keep your organization in compliance with government regulations.

Our off-the-shelf library features hundreds of ethics and compliance, industrial skills, government, healthcare, schools and safety training DVDs that can help your organization achieve your unique objectives while reinforcing your message year-round. Most of our training DVDs are available in multiple languages, and the portable convenience makes this a perfect training method for those who travel. Dividing the content into chapters allows the trainer to facilitate discussion and revisit specific points for a refresher course. Additionally, the customizable PowerPoint® presentation allows the trainer to conduct site-specific training. Best-selling DVDs include Just Another Day, which warns experienced workers about the dangers of becoming complacent when it comes to safety, and Driven to Distraction II, a high-impact training course which helps raise awareness of the dangerous epidemic of driving while distracted. Harassment Is… helps train your personnel to recognize and eliminate the various forms of harassment that may arise in your organization. All training DVDs can be previewed online for free, or free, no obligation previews can be sent directly to your facility.

Our training handbooks will keep training content right at your employees’ fingertips! These handbooks are typically between 16 and 20 pages and include a tear-out quiz at the end for documentation purposes. The training and development of your employees has never been easier with best-selling handbooks such as First Aid: Prepared to Help, which teaches emergency response principles that help employees respond quickly and effectively to accidents in the workplace, and Drop By Drop, which alerts employees to “micro-inequities,” which are small slights, tiny injustices and subtle discriminations that undermine morale and productivity in the workplace over time.

Finally, our training posters keep your training message in plain sight and remind employees of its importance each and every day. These laminated posters, typically measuring 18” x 24”, cover such topics as back injuries, employee rights and more. Back Protection: Defending Your Safety Zone will help reduce the number of daily, common back injuries by reminding employees to work within their safety zones. Employee Rights is a 6-in-1 poster that incorporates essential information on minimum wage, the Polygraph Act, Job Safety, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the EEOC.

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