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Trenching & Shoring

Product Description

Dig deeper in your training and shore up your trench workers' safety. This course trains them to avoid the dangers of the job by citing dos and don'ts for benching, sloping, shielding and shoring. It alerts them to the warning signs of collapse, cites the visual clues for soil classification and explains how the various manual and field-instrument-based soil classification tests can determine the appropriate shoring method.

Trenching Orientation

  • What is a Trench?
  • What does a Safe Trench Site look like?


Soil Basics

  • Soil Classification – Visual Clues
  • Soil Testing and Classifications


Trench Protection

  • Sloping and Benching
  • Shoring and Shielding
  • Avoiding Hazards


Trench Emergencies

  • Warning Signs of Danger
  • Emergency Rescue Procedures


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