BLS Adjusts 2013 Workplace Death Tally

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has revised the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CF0I) to a final tally of 4,585 workplace deaths in the United States in 2013. This is higher than the preliminary estimate of 4,405 deaths released in September. Some good news, however, is that this figure is the second-lowest annual total since the CFOI was recorded in 1992.

Following other revisions to the preliminary count, here are some of the updated fatality totals:

  • Private construction sector: 828
  • Hispanic or Latino workers: 817
  • Non-Hispanic Black or African-Americans: 439
  • Roadway deaths: 1099
  • Slip, trip, and fall related deaths: 724
  • Contractors: 749.

These categories all saw higher totals after changes to the preliminary count.

For more details, download the PDF of the CFOI 2013.

New Study Highlights “Automaticity” and Its Link with Distracted Driving and Walking

New research reveals that many people send text messages without thinking about it, a phenomenon that involves “automaticity,” which refers to a “limited conscious attention or awareness of one’s behavior.”

Texting, according to the study, is prone to automaticity. As one of the researchers put it in a University of Michigan press release, “The attention required by text messaging is intermittent, focused and visual, and at the same time requires individuals to divide attention between the immediate physical space and an imagined social space. It is easily embedded in daily activities that fail to fully engage individuals' attention with novel stimuli, such as driving or walking, while drawing attention away from important aspects of those activities."

Automaticity in cellphone use also dovetails with the nature of walking, a task that rarely, if at all, receives much thought. Indeed, a survey of over 900 adults and college students revealed that respondents were often texting without thinking as they walked, more so than when they were behind the wheel.

Knowing about — and avoiding — automaticity can help individuals resist the instinct to go on autopilot.

For more details about the study, read the press release from the University of Michigan.

OSHA Launches New Video for Safety Stand-Down

As the 2015 National Safety Stand-Down approaches, the Department of Labor released a “promotional video” to help encourage employers to take part in the annual event. The 53-second video stresses how falls are the primary cause of fatalities in construction (over the last decade, more than 3,500 workers have fallen to their deaths), but reiterates that such incidents can be prevented.

View the video

In 2013, over a million employers and workers in the United States took part in the stand-down to help raise awareness of fall-related issues in construction and highlight fall-prevention practices.

To learn more about the 2015 stand-down, visit the website.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Take this opportunity to remind your employees that they are the only ones who can keep themselves safe.

Learn how to include this infographic on your corporate intranet, employee eNewsletter or blog.

OSHA Launches Fact Sheets on Whistleblower Protection Programs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued several fact sheets that identify the rights of whistleblowers and/or the procedures in making complaints under specific laws or industries.

Available in English and Spanish (except as indicated), the fact sheets pertain to the following:

  • Affordable Care Act
  • Aviation Industry
  • Clean Air (English only)
  • Commercial Motor Carrier
  • Consumer Financial Protection
  • Consumer Product Industry
  • Environment
  • General
  • FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Federal Water Pollution Control
  • Motor Vehicle Safety
  • Public Transportation Agency
  • Railroad Workers
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Safe Drinking Water (English only)
  • Seaman’s Protection Act
  • Transportation Sector.

Get the fact sheets.

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